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Top 5 Tourist Hot Spots

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It is time to pay homage to the most popular hot spots, the ones tourists flock to from all over the world! These are the places you can’t wait to purchase a tee shirt from, eagerly proving to family and friends that you were definitely there! This guide to the top five Florida Keys hot spots to visit during your unforgettable visit to the Florida Keys will ensure that every second of every day will be ones filled with fun, laughter, and adventure!

The Donut Experiment, 210c Pine Avenue, Anna Maria Island

What? We are recommending a donut place as a hot tourist spot? No, we have not lost our minds, we are expanding your horizons as we introduce you to one of the busiest spots on Anna Maria Island, the Donut Experiment! We have all enjoyed a donut or two for breakfast over the years, and we all have our own ideas about what makes the perfect donut. When you visit this local donut shop, you do not just get to pick your favorite donuts, you get to create your own flavors! The steps are simple: you choose your icing, you choose your topping, (their selection seems endless 3) you choose your drizzle, (they offer five standard choices and one current drizzle special) and then you devour the donuts! The last step is our favorite and is what made our formerly donut-less island a star in the donut world, and as everyone began flocking to their doors, it suddenly became clear that this spot was worthy of our number five spot on our list!

Florida Keys Hotspots at Lover’s Key State Park, Cape Coral

Our country is famous for its state parks, and as tourists from all over the world find their way to Lover’s Key State Park, they can’t help but fall in love with the natural beauty found here! Lover’s Key can be easily reached by a tramway and a boardwalk, and as you spend your day frolicking in the surf, you may find yourself being joined by the friendliest creatures of the sea, the dolphins who make their home in these crystal-clear waters. Bring along your metal detector and search the sugar white sands for treasures, stake out your piece of the beach and soak in the rays of the sun, or sign up for a guided eco tour of the area; Lover’s Key Adventures offers a variety of fun tours!

Drum Circles on Siesta Key

Every Sunday evening, right around sunset, crowds of people gather together on Siesta Beach in preparation for a drum circle; if you have never experienced one, it is simply a musical gathering known for having no head or tail (hence the circle) and The Siesta Key Drum Circle is the largest of all the drum circles in Florida. A local tradition for over 20 years, the music of the drums grows louder the closer it gets to sunset, the costumes many people choose to wear grow more interesting, and once the star attraction (the setting sun) has disappeared over the horizon, turning the skies into an inky darkness, the party continues, often with a sip of beer, wine, or rumrunners. The kids have long gone off to bed and the Sunday night party still has far to go at these Siesta Key hot spots!

Holmes Beach, Anna Maria Island

We know why you are here and why you have chosen the Keys for your annual getaway, and Holmes Beach is one of the most important reasons you had for coming here! Choose to spend your beach hours seeking shells to bring home as souvenirs, walking along shore’s edge, enjoying the cool waters splashing at your ankles, or if you are traveling with children, building sandcastles in the wet sand! There is no wrong way to enjoy your time on the white beaches, just many exciting options, which is why Holmes Beach ranks so high on our hottest attractions list.

Siesta Key Beach, Siesta Key

Our number one spot could have dominated every spot on this list as it is probably the most famous and sought after “attraction” in the entire region. Offering white sands created from almost pure quartz to relax on, turquoise waters to play in, and a lifestyle like none other, Siesta Beach will nudge its way into your heart and never let you go! Take a family photo by the sea oats or while standing against the yellow of the lifeguard station, parasail over the waters, (Parasail Siesta has some really great deals!) or jump into an impromptu beach volleyball game and forget that the rest of the world exists! This beach is one of the most famous Siesta Key hot spots in Florida, and when you plan a trip around days at Siesta Beach, every minute will be the best ones.

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