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Top 5 Spots for a Gorgeous View

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The Florida views are one of the reasons our state draws in tourists from all over the world, so do not be surprised if you happen to see a repeat or two on this list of the most gorgeous views on the Keys! Because it is difficult to narrow down our choices—EVERY view is our favorite—we are resigned to the realization that this article is going to take us a very long time to complete. On a happier note, we can promise that it will be finished by the time you start planning your Florida Keys journey, and we should tell you to start making space on your walls back home. The pictures you take of these breathtaking Florida Keys sightseeing spots are destined to all be frame-worthy!

Bean Point, Anna Maria Island

The only reason this view ranks in at number five is that we have already nominated Bean Point for another list, and we want to spread the love! Offering the sugar white sands and turquoise waters that photograph so well in the day time, it is at sunset when this spot reaches true perfection. Pick your spot and aim and shoot, because the show does not last long, but when the sky is alight with the fiery colors of the setting sun, your pictures become almost professional in style and content! Although in this day and age we have a tendency to post our pics on social media without printing them, we urge you to print, frame, and hang them in a prominent spot on your walls so that you can look up at the photographic memories and smile as you remember, even on the bad days in real life!

Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House, 1372 Rose Garden Road, Cape Coral

You simply cannot take a bad picture at this charming spot on Cape Coral, the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly House, where beautiful flowers help keep equally beautiful butterflies happy and alive! Free tours are offered on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays, so plan accordingly and prepare to lose your focus on anything else except for Mother Nature’s most delicate creatures and the colorful plants on which they rest. When you get tired of looking up at the sight of butterflies flitting from plant to plant, go ahead and take a few minutes of your Florida Keys sightseeing trip to look down at the bubbling pond that runs through the space, filled with koi fish in a variety of colors. And because these sweet insects are friendly creatures, do not be surprised when one lands on you, especially if you are wearing a brightly colored shirt; we have been known to spend our entire exploration wearing a small, beautiful hitchhiker on our shirts or attached to our hair like a decorative accessory!

Sunset Point on Siesta Key

Yep, you guessed it! We are heading back to the beach for our number three most beautiful sight, and obviously we are planning another sunset viewing session! Sunsets are a serious business here in the Keys, and it is not unusual for visitors and residents to set up lawn chairs at water’s edge, specifically to watch the sun set over the Gulf. Sunset Point on Siesta Beach juts out into the water a little more than normal, making it the perfect spot to catch the sun setting, the sky turning from blue to violet to black, and if you are lucky, to capture that green flash that is rarely caught on camera. There is a scientific term and explanation for this phenomenon that only occurs at sunset or sunrise, but we prefer to think its magic and somehow, when we do view that quick flash of green, we feel luckier having done so!

Cape Coral Sightseeing at Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, East End of SE 23 Terrace, Cape Coral

Number two on our list is a familiar sight of Cape Coral sightseeing, as we also ranked it number one on our under-the-radar attractions list, and as you might expect, this spot offers the most beautiful views as well as a peek into the natural side of Florida. Follow the paved paths under the trees that form a canopy you creating shade and a coziness that you will not find in many other places on the Keys, being sure to stop at the Observational Points along the way. If you are really lucky, maybe you will catch an eagle in flight or a colorful ibis wading in the waters that run through this important piece of land!

Coquina Bay Walk, Anna Maria Island

An area that was once destroyed and on the verge of disappearing forever has been built back up to become an important marine life habitat, one that definitely deserves our number one spot on our list of most beautiful views. Walk along the mile-long boardwalk that takes you through the mangrove trees and take a look around for just a moment. Every plant you see, every tree that is growing, and every bush that harbors Florida wildlife has been planted by volunteers working their hardest to ensure that this spot is beautiful once again. Point your camera (or cell phone) in one direction and sight of a hawk diving down towards the water in search of prey. Point it another direction and find tidepools filled with sea creatures that thrive in an environment that changes with the tides or set up a tripod and point the camera in the direction of you and your family, posed against the dark green of the trees and capture a moment of complete and total happiness; there are no bad views along the Coquina Bay Walk!

On the Balcony of Your RentTheKeys Vacation Sanctuary

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