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Top 5 Local Shops to Visit

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Of all the activities that you will participate in during your fantastic Florida getaway to the Keys, there is only one that will allow you to bring home a concrete memento of your stay. The pictures you take are a close substitute, but if you are like most travelers, you may scroll through them once or twice and never look at them again, unless you happen to print and frame a couple of your favorites. So that, of course, leaves you with our favorite option, shopping at the stores and boutiques that are particular to the area in which you are visiting. This guide to the best locals only Florida Keys shops in our little section of paradise will ensure that you do not miss out on some important souvenir or gift that you will never find anywhere else—enjoy!

Ginny’s & Jane E’s Café and Gift Store, 9807 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria Island

Don’t you just hate when you are in the middle of an intense shopping trip and you realize that hours have passed since you last had sustenance? Growling tummies are not attractive and make it difficult to concentrate on the trinkets you are contemplating, but when you visit Ginny’s & Jane E’s Café and Gift Store, this problem comes with its own solution; just walk in to the café section for a sandwich, a salad, or better yet, a delicious piece of that Florida favorite, Key Lime Pie! Offering an outside patio to enjoy on sunny days, after you finish your meal, you can get back to the important business of shopping. This colorful little gift shop is guaranteed to have everything you could ever need or want; from candles to home goods to big floppy hats that look really cute and keep the sun out of your eyes, Ginny’s & Jane E’s is sure to become your new happy place!

Karma & Coconuts, 1112 SE 47th Terrace Unit e, Cape Coral

Why are the shops with the cutest names the most fun to visit? Karma & Coconuts, for example, is sliding in at number four on our list and is one place we always make sure we have time to visit when we are in the Cape Coral area! Offering a beautiful selection of hand-crafted items created by local artisans, the shop may be cozy but the items inside are of the highest quality. Also offering stones, crystals, and incense, you will find more that you can’t live without, and if you find yourself admiring the craftmanship of the pieces for sale, why not sign up for a class taught by the artists that fill the shelves? Their classes cover everything from jewelry making, to painting, mixed media, and textile art. They also offer stress relief classes on Tuesday nights, so be sure to check out what interests you when exploring the aisles of Karma & Coconuts for some Florida Keys shopping!

Created Gems, 5212 Ocean Boulevard, Siesta Key

A shiny piece of jewelry can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one, but the costs can be prohibitive, especially when you are already spending quite a bit of money on a fabulous Keys vacation! Created Gems, however, offers the alternative serving up an inventory of rings, necklaces, and bracelets all made from lab created gems that offer all the sparkle at a fraction of the cost. Choose a pendant with dolphins in motion, created from silver and blue fire opals, an ocean wave bracelet made with Larimar Stone, or a pair of sea turtle earrings also made with Larimar Stone, and take home a sparkling memento of the good times you had in Florida without breaking the bank!

Beach Market at Coquina Beach, 2650 Gulf Drive S, Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island

Nothing beats the charm and fun that can be had at an open-air market, unless that open-air market takes place at the beach; in that case you have reached the pinnacle of perfection! The Beach Market at Coquina Beach, coming in at number two, offers a unique selection of hand-crafted arts, clothing, and home goods that you won’t be able to walk away from! Lose yourself in the exquisite beauty of a glass and sand picture recreating the simplest of scenes, a single palm tree on the beach, fall in love with the whimsy of colorful mermaids meant to hang on your walls, and when you begin to feel a little parched, the Coquina Café offers a beach bar, beverages, and snacks to quell the hunger pains!

The Gallery on Siesta Key, 5129 Ocean Boulevard, Siesta Key

Our number one choice for the best local only Florida Keys shops on the Keys, the Gallery on Siesta Key, is a gift shop offering exquisite examples of hand-crafted artistry, all created by some of the most talented artists in the state! Offering the unusual, (a fish “portrait” made with sticks, shells, and beach glass) the whimsical, (hand crocheted mermaids) and the perfect for a beach day offering, (flowy dresses made from crisp white cotton and lace!) everything in this colorful shop is one of a kind and will make the perfect memento of your unforgettable Florida beach vacation.

Those Bags Look a Little Heavy

Why don’t you set them down on the bed of your RentTheKeys vacation escape and take a little time-out for yourself? The wine is in the refrigerator, the sun is setting, and life is good. Reserve your beach escape today to enjoy the best Florida Keys shopping!