There once was a time where the lowly food truck was laughed at and ridiculed by all except the hardworking workers who depended on it for lunches on construction sites, but today, a food truck has come to represent the best of gourmet foods. Innovative owners have used these vessels to show off their best meals, and festivals often revolve around the goodies they provide. We at RentTheKeys have sampled more than our fair share of food truck cuisine and we thought that today we would share with our guests some of our favorites, inviting travelers to explore the mobile epicurean landscape of Sarasota, bringing home the delicious results to enjoy in our Sarasota sanctuaries.

G’s Southern Mobile Kitchen

Chances are when you think of Florida cuisine you imagine fresh seafood dishes and maybe even some Latin favorites, but the reality is our home in the deep South is where many Southern soul dishes were created, and G’s Southern Mobile Kitchen is where we are starting this tour of taste. Offering a menu filled with fried chicken, collard greens, and sweet potato pie, the food that comes from this truck tastes like it could have come from your grandma’s kitchen.

Doña Betty’s Tacos

As the world comes to the realization that there are more to handheld meals than a simple and boring sandwich, tacos have started to shoot up the ranks in popularity, and Doña Betty’s Tacos, while probably not the only reason why, has become a big part of the trend. Offering a variety of authentically delicious tacos served from a truck that is normally parked next to the Wells Fargo in Bradenton, come hungry and be prepared to wait in lines; this truck is definitely a popular one!

Polpo Pizza Company

Pizza is the international food of love and family and we would be remiss not to include the Polpo Pizza Company on our list of fabulous food trucks. Originally a catering company that suffered during the pandemic, they switched to a food truck and their popularity soared. Parked at the Sarasota Farmers Market on Saturday, their food truck is a 1951 farm truck outfitted with a woodfire pizza oven.

Currywursttruck SRQ

We are continually surprised at the international selection of epicurean delights offered in Sarasota and that includes in the food truck realm as well and Currywursttruck SRQ is another very yummy example. Primarily a catering truck serving authentic German cuisine, they will often be found at special events in town, so be sure to keep an eye out for them during your Sarasota rambles.

Banni Rooster Food Wagon

The Banni Rooster Food Wagon is one of the most popular food trucks in town, offering a menu that revolves around their specialty, a simple dish they call Rooster Balls. Made from cornbread, spices, and other secret ingredients, we don’t know what magic spell is infused in them, but we do know we are quite obsessed. The Banni Rooster Food Wagon can be found roaming the streets of Sarasota, so be sure to check them out during your stay.

The Purple Belle

Not all food trucks sell savory dishes, some of the best are known for their desserts and sweet treats, with the Purple Belle providing an exquisite example. More than an ice cream truck, this mobile unit sells sundaes, shakes, and desserts that will make every day the sweetest day. Serving Sarasota, it’s bright purple and white design makes it easy to find, so you won’t have to look all that hard to treat yourself during your stay.

Double W Ribeye Wagon

It’s not often the words steak and food truck go hand in hand, but the Double W Ribeye Wagon may have started a distinctive new trend. Selling ribeye steaks cooked to your preferred temp, they also offer a menu featuring burgers, sliders, and tacos, but for our vegetarian friends, their Buffalo Hearts, artichoke hearts battered, deep fried, and soaked in buffalo sauce will make you glad you followed this food truck in Sarasota!

The List Goes On and On

As you can see from this sampling of food trucks, this age old tradition is definitely facing a wonderful new resurgence and although our fully equipped kitchens in our Sarasota sanctuaries offer an alternative to eating out, we hope you find this guide a tasteful addition to your Florida adventures. Grab your favorite and take it home to be devoured in the comfortable surrounds of our RentTheKeys Sarasota escapes or if you can’t wait, there will always be a spot to sit somewhere near the food truck of your choice. Contact us and reserve your favorite home sweet vacation home today and discover why a culinary exploration of Sarasota will be satisfying, exciting, and so comfortable you will never want to leave!