Summer vacations are the event we look forward to all year and a Florida summer vacation at the beach is even more anticipated, but there are a few things you will need to realize before you arrive. For one, Sarasota will make you fall in love, offering a complex blend of big city sophistication and laid-back Florida charm, it is the town you have always dreamed of. Secondly, our RentTheKeys seasonal sanctuaries will make you feel so comfortable you may find it difficult to leave, even if you are excited about a day at the beach, and finally, it’s going to be hot and humid, but that’s ok, we have compiled this guide to the best ways of beating the heat during your Sarasota summer vacation, helping you stay chill no matter what the thermometer reads.

Discover the Theory of Less

Your first lesson in dealing with the Florida heat will begin before you leave the air-conditioned confines of your RentTheKeys escape; less is perfect when it comes to getting dressed. No, long pants, no jackets, even a pair of flip flops (Skechers makes some fantastic walking flip flops, so your feet and back will get the support they need) and if you have long hair, all the years you have put into perfecting the messy bun will be worth all the effort. Sunglasses, a cool hat, and sunscreen are the finishing touches you will need for a perfect summer’s day wardrobe, but if you are going to the beach, you can scrap the shorts and tees and substitute one cute swimsuit and maybe one cover-up. 

Save Your Outdoor Adventures for Morning

It will still be warm enough to swim and sunny enough to work on your tan, so making your beach adventures morning ones will actually free up your afternoons for the important stuff, like naps and shopping in air-conditioned stores. Most of our summer havens will provide the basic essentials for a morning at the beach, including chairs, towels, and a beach umbrella, but if not, most of these supplies can be purchased at very little cost in local shops. Whatever you do, don’t skip the umbrella, however, because the shade it will bring can help provide another way to keep cool. In any case, drink plenty of water, slather on the sunscreen, and enjoy these morning moments spent with your toes buried in our white sand beaches and if traveling with young children, building a sandcastle at shore’s edge can help you stay chill as well.

Explore Sarasota Via Air-Conditioned Trolley

The best way to get to know the area you are visiting is by starting out with a tour. Let the tour guide do the hard work, showing you all the sights that you may or may not want to see and then go back later and explore the ones you were interested in more depth. Discover Sarasota Tours, located at 1826 4th Street, offers a variety of tours, all enjoyed from the air-conditioned comfort of their colorful trolleys. Stay cool as you participate in Psychic Sundays, exploring the mystical side of our beautiful town, chill out learning why Sarasota is known as Circus City with their Circus Secrets of Sarasota Tour, or simply take their City Sightseeing Tour and fall in love with our home sweet hometown, all while staying cool.

Life’s a Gamble

Sometimes when life hands you a deck of cards you have to take those cards to the nearest poker house and discover if you still have your poker face, especially during your Sarasota vacation. One-Eyed Jacks Poker Room, located just around the bend at 4404 Bee Ridge Road in Bee Ridge, has a long history of being a favorite gambling spot, especially as this was where the greyhounds once raced. (Before the world became more responsible in their treatment of those sweet pups) Offering poker tournaments and daily games, you may end up forgetting the heat, the sun, or the world exists altogether; this fun poker room stays open until 2 or 3 AM most days.

Moonlight Swims in Our Private Pools

If you have never owned a private pool, you may not know one of our favorite secrets for keeping cool in the summer, swimming in your pool under the light of the moon. We don’t quite understand the magic, but even as the nighttime temps stay in the 80s, a serene and leisurely dip in the warm waters will soon lower your core body temperature and don’t be surprised if your teeth start chattering as well! Either way, once you have finally cooled down for the night, falling asleep under the soft whir of a ceiling fan in our RentTheKeys seasonal sanctuaries will bring you joy, happy dreams, and a sleep so deep you will awaken the next day, feeling rested and ready for more summer excitement in Sarasota. Contact us and reserve your favorite today!