Just like that, it is time for winter to be over and the Spring Break celebrations to begin, at least, here in Sarasota it is! We at RentTheKeys understand that in some of the colder states, winter has refused to release its grip, instead choosing to hang on tight and cover residents with snow, rain, even unforeseen ice storms, but in Sarasota, the sun is shining the temperatures are idyllic, and however you want to celebrate the break from real life, Spring Break adventures are waiting to happen. This guide to spending your Spring Break getaway in Sarasota while comfortably ensconced in our RentTheKeys holiday hideaways will help you enjoy a vacation you will never forget!

Hello, White Sands!

Whether you are a college student ready to party, a parent looking to spend some quality time with their tween, or a senior celebrating their golden years with an eternal Spring Break celebration, the white sand beaches of Sarasota are open for business. The temperatures will ease up into the mid to high 70s, the scent of salt air and suntan oil will permeate the air, and any stresses you may have been feeling up to this moment will dissipate in the sea breezes. Swim, surf, and seize the day as the rest of the world shovels out from under the latest snowstorm. For families traveling with small children, we can add a fourth s-word to the mix, sandcastles that will provide a fun way to kill a few hours at the beach.

Where the Margaritas Are

Could you consider it a successful Spring Break if your margaritas were subpar? You may still have fun but if you don’t need that negativity in your life, just follow our directions and every sip you take will be one that brings bliss! El Melvin Cocina Mexicana, 1355 Main Street, is known for more than its unique name; it is home to the Sarasota Sunset margarita made with orange agave nectar and passion fruit. Mi Pueblo El Restaurante Mexicano & Cantina University, 8405 Tuttle Avenue, is famed for its margaritas, offering 10 different choices that will bring your taste buds ecstasy. And finally, Circo, 1435 2nd Street, is a Tex Mex favorite featuring—you guessed it—some of the best margaritas in town.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Ok, you have enjoyed your beach time, have sipped on some wonderful margaritas, and now you are ready to party! Sarasota, while not typically considered a party town offers some premium nightspots that will appeal to partiers of all demographics, and we are providing a list of our favorites below, ensuring your night on the town may be one you don’t really remember—especially if you started out the celebration with a few of the margaritas we were just talking about!

  • Mattison’s City Grille, 1 N Lemon Avenue – Live music and a tiki bar atmosphere  brings a cheerful ambience to whatever you may be celebrating at Mattison’s.
  • Perspective Rooftop Pool Bar, 125 N Palm Avenue 8th Floor – A pool is always the best place to party in Sarasota, and if it happens to be on a rooftop providing panoramic views of the town while also offering DJs and music on the weekends, even better! 
  • The Gator Club, 1490 Main Street – Located in one of Sarasota’s historic buildings, the ambience is casual, the music is hot, and the drink selection is one of the largest in the state. The Gator Club features a spirits selection of over 500 bottles to choose from, ensuring that your favorite drink will definitely be on the menu!
  • Marina Jack Restaurant & Bar, 2 Marina Plaza – The final party spot on our list, Marina Jack, has been a local tradition that welcomes all newcomers. Offering a raw bar patio, a piano bar, and waterfront bars, guests will feel as bougie as they feel comfortable hanging out.

Your RentTheKeys Spring Break Sanctuary

Not all Spring Breaks need to be about parties and excessive alcohol, and that’s where our RentTheKeys retreats will shine under the spotlight. Relax around pools, private or community, watching the kiddos practice holding their breath, enjoy a Wednesday morning barbecue, perhaps grilling your catch of the day, and savor the fire of a Florida sunset from the comfort of patio chairs placed exactly where the views are best. Our homes and condos bring relaxation, luxury, and comfort to all who reside within and when your week is up and you have to return to real life, if your golden tan doesn’t garner envy from your coworkers and friends, the glow of peace and happiness certainly will. Reserve your favorite escape today and celebrate Spring Break in Sarasota in a way that makes vacation dreams come true.