As we find ourselves in the midst of the most chaotic time of year, all the work and stress that accompanies the holidays may have travelers seeking something they probably think they can’t have. How can you be peaceful when your to-do list is longer than the book you put down before Halloween and how can you find serenity when you simply do not know what you are buying your husband, sister, best friend for Christmas? Sometimes the simplest answers to the most difficult questions are right in front of your face, and this guide to Villa Serenity in Cape Coral may contain the answers you seek!

Every Journey is Different

Noone knows the journey your life is taking you through, but when it includes a winter vacation in Cape Coral, we at Rent the Keys do know how to make it more comfortable and Villa Serenity offers the perfect example. Offering 3 bedrooms that are tranquil and restful, 2 spacious baths, and waterfront views of the canals that run through Cape Coral, this home will be your new favorite happy place. Providing peace and serenity to all who inhabit the spaces of this stunning villa, as well as comfort, luxury, and the modern conveniences travelers love, we have worked hard to create an idyllic vacation escape!

Blending Cultures

Although the blue waters of our state are represented in art and color, this cottage will make you feel as if you have flown across the pond to the sunny lands of Tuscany, providing color and warmth that will make you feel welcomed and at home. Accent walls in the living room, painted the rich red of your favorite Sangiovese, the rich sienna color of custom cabinets in the kitchen, and the terra cotta colored tiles that grace the walls of the primary baths all harken back to the old country. But vintage Florida has a place at home here, found in the rattan chairs surrounding the dining table where many games will be played and meals will be enjoyed. A beach print in one of the bedrooms, frolicking tile dolphins on the floor of the pool, and views of the Florida sunset that will bring joy to your heart.

Form Plus Function Equals Home

A beautiful home is something we all seek, but without the modern conveniences would you be able to consider your Florida vacation a success? The kitchen equipped with updated appliances in stainless steel will let happy guests create the meals they love and the breakfast bar provides a place for the kids to sit and chat with mom while the meal is made. State-of-the-art televisions offer clear pictures of the big game making guests feel as if they are sitting on the sidelines and the soft sofas that recline to the perfect angle create the ideal spots for an afternoon nap. A modern washer and dryer set keeps suits and towels dry and smelling fresh after an afternoon spent frolicking in the heated pool or soaking in the attached hot tub. And the bedrooms of Villa Serenity? Premium beds provide happy dreams and state-of-the-art televisions allow guests to fall asleep any way they want! The contrast of form and function enables vacationers to enjoy a getaway that contrasts with the holiday chaos felt when still at home.

Florida Sunsets are Magic

You may have heard it somewhere in your travels but until you witness a Florida sunset yourself you will never quite believe their magic and Villa Serenity offers many ways to make viewing comfortable. A swing on the private dock, just beyond the screened-in lanai and various seating options inside the screens are just two of the places you can enjoy a sunset, but if you really want to make it special, renting a boat, kayak, or even paddleboard will give you the opportunity to be amazed from the center of serenity, the waters that run through Cape Coral. Just be prepared to lose your words, and maybe even your breath as the sun begins its descent and the sky turns to fire, making you believe in magic, hope, and the serenity that you may have worried could not be real!

Find Your Joy

Cape Coral is known as a Waterfront Wonderland, offering more canals than Venice, if you can believe it, but it is also known as being home to some of our Rent the Keys nicest vacation escapes, including Villa Serenity. Offering warm weather, sunny skies, and the Florida vibe that makes everyone feel like locals, your stay in this charming cottage on the canal will definitely be one that tops all other vacations. Reserve your favorite escape today and fall in love with peace, quiet, serenity, and Florida sunsets that will take your breath away!