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Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia is a family-run business located at 6551 Gateway Avenue in Sarasota, Florida. The owner, Tiziana, has lived in Ischia, Italy, and Florida, which lends to her knowledge of traditional Italian cuisine as well as what contemporary American palates enjoy. She serves comforting classics like ravioli and gnocchi alongside innovative dishes like lasagna Emiliana and penne salsa rosa.

Appetizers at Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia offers both familiar and unique appetizers to guests looking for a meal after a long day of Floridian fun. You can find classics like Caprese, calamari, and prosciutto parma along with more esoteric selections like Napoletan eggplant and burrata.

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The tasty salads are all wonderfully familiar—di pomodori (with blue cheese, onions, and romaine), alla Cesare (Cesar salad), insalata mista (mixed greens), insalata di spinaci (spinach, tomatoes, onions, and goat cheese), and arugula salad with shaved parmesan and tomato.


Pasta is served at Dolce Italia Florida as the first course, or primi piatti. Linguini with shrimp or clams tops the pasta dishes, with gnocchi, lasagna, spaghetti, and penne dishes. Pastas are tossed with delectable marinara, olive oil, bechamel, red wine, cream sauces, and various delicious toppings.

Main Courses

The secondi piatta, or main courses, consist of either veal or chicken (served with picato or pizzaiola sauce).

Ah, Dessert!

Dolce Italia brings the old country charm and a Neapolitan touch of Tiziana’s traditional Italian recipes to Gulf Gate, and the dessert menu is perhaps the best example. It’s hard to get past the first thing on the menu, torte al limoncello, lemon cake, and mascarpone buttercream with limoncello liqueur. But read all the descriptions so you get the best dessert experience possible at Dolce Italia.

If you wonder what tiramisu al caffe, tiramisu alla mandalora, cannoli, affogato al caffe, cioccolate vesuvio and gelato nutella taste like, you have to go to Dolce Italia Florida to find out. Go to their website at dolceitaliarestaurant.com for more information on their ingredients and the restaurant itself.

Wine List

If you’re an adult of age, how can you have an Italian dinner without wine? Ask Tiziana about the perfect pairings before you order and be sure to order enough to share!

Serving authentic, fresh Dolci dishes with a romantic ambiance, this charming eatery is perfect for date nights or any gathering when seeking that special intimacy. Sit near the trompe l’oeil painting, near a window to view the outdoor seating, or just enjoy a chat with Tiziana about her recipes and life. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy the ambiance and great food at Dolce Italia when you stay in our Florida Keys Rentals.