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Florida Keys Property Management

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As the market fluctuates, savvy investors know that there is generally one investment that stands the test of the time. Stocks may tank, precious metals prices rise and sink, but home ownership, especially vacation home ownership in the most popular vacation market in the nation, tends to be the one investment that can make all the difference in your portfolio. And whether or not this is your first time purchasing a vacation property or it is something you have been doing for years, the amount of money needed to sink into that investment ensures that you will be carefully researching the pros and cons of every home you consider. Of course, the easiest decisions are going to be the homes located in the high market areas, the places where travelers flock to every year without fail, such as the Florida Keys, but unless you live in the area, you may be wondering how you can manage the property without giving up your life in your hometown! That is where, of course, Florida Keys property management services come into play, and RentTheKeys would like to talk to you about why our tech-savvy and data-driven property management services can help you succeed easily.

Keeping Our Owners Satisfied and Our Start-Up Fees Low

There is so much to consider when owning a vacation property, but the bottom line is unarguably the most important, and our owners can happily expect to earn 20% more on their largest investment. We follow the market closely, study the numbers constantly, and it’s not guesswork when we set the rate on the rental you have just purchased; it is a well thought out process that guarantees a consistently high return on your investment. Using digital marketing, we ensure that in this tech-driven world, your property is put in front of the right renters, utilizing SEO, social media sites, and even our own collection of over a quarter of a million past guests! And although the vacation rental websites are a simple way to get your property known, and we do utilize them as well, our direct booking program can bring owners a much-appreciated higher ROI, and with 30% of our bookings being direct ones, you have to think we are doing something right!

Owners’ Perks of Our Florida Keys Property Management

As we stated earlier, the bottom line is important, and when you choose RentTheKeys for your property management services, the bottom line is increased through a variety of owner perks that we offer! We analyze the market, using real time data, and price your home at the key price point (dynamic pricing) without charging our owners the hundreds of dollars other companies do. Nickel and diming owners can be a popular way other property management companies take a bite out of your bottom line, but our full-service management program that includes licensing and state/tourism tax remittance takes the surprise out of monthly statements and leaves extra dollars in your investment coffers. Investing in anything always involves a little bit of risk, and with vacation rental property ownership, damages caused by tenants can be the biggest gouge on your return, but our mandatory renter’s insurance will cover owners for up to $3000 against accidental renters’ damage. And finally, perhaps your favorite perk of all, our owners portal that allows you to block off dates for your own use with just a few clicks on your mouse ensures that you get to experience the beauty, serenity, and wonder that all your guests have been enjoying throughout the year!

There Is More

A high ROI (return on investment) is vital to the success of your investment, but it doesn’t happen without some hard work and again, this is where RentTheKeys steps in! Offering contracted housekeeping services to keep your property staying clean and looking appealing to rentals, 24/7 maintenance that keeps your pool blue, the bugs gone, and your lawns perfectly manicured, and something that you may not have to think about in other parts of the world, our hurricane preparation service will ensure that your home rides out whatever storms Mother Nature throws at us.

Factoring in the Unknown

As in every business, the unknown can bring about issues, but our property management services go the extra step to help prevent any calamities. We thoroughly screen each guest wanting to rent your precious investment, and through the use of security deposits and signed contracts, reduce the potential financial impact uncaring guests can impart on your property. And because we know the importance of a flawless, peaceful, and relaxing vacation experience, your guests will know that if they need to call, we will answer! Checking in on them throughout their stay shows we care and helps meet needs they may not have even realized they had.

Maximize Your ROI

Contact us today and let’s work together to make your rental vacation the shining star you hoped it would be!