Summer springs eternal in Sarasota, and even as it may still be tiptoeing into your hometown in June, in Sarasota it is in full bloom, offering long lazy days best spent at the beach, the chill of air conditioning, and the salty scent of the sea. Storms begin rolling in every afternoon, only to roll back out soon after, and when your journey brings you here in June, our RentTheKeys summer sanctuaries reflect the glory of a summer day spent doing whatever you like. And in case you need more ways to fill those long and wonderful minutes of your Sarasota June vacation, this guide to the top events will help you do so in a fun and exciting way.

Summer Movie Nights, Most Sundays in June and July at CoolToday Park

The most popular events aren’t always the biggest events, and Summer Movie Nights at CoolToday Park are the perfect example! Family friendly movies are shown on the park’s scoreboard, starting at 5 PM, and as you hang out at the ballpark with your favorite traveling partner munching and sipping traditional stadium foods available for sale, you may wonder why anyone would want to watch a movie any other way!

Bradenton Boat Show, June 5-7, Bradenton Area Convention Center

Even if you live in the deserts of Arizona in real life and have absolutely no reason to buy a boat, the Bradenton Boat Show is worth a visit, offering a glimpse into a world you will want to be a part of. Offering boats, boating accessories, fishing gear, and so much more, it just may end up being your favorite part of your summer getaway—especially if you decide to take part in the Captain Joe Fishing School, where expert anglers share tips, hints, and a peek into the serenity of a good day fishing.

4th Annual Downtown Sarasota Spring Craft Fair, June 8 & 9

The most beautiful areas in the world attract the most talented artists and artisans, and with those talented folks, some of the best arts and craft shows come into existence, with the 4th Annual Downtown Sarasota Spring Craft Fair serving as the perfect example. Offering masterpieces from a huge variety of artistic genres, including pottery, photography, clothing, and more, this event provides a fun and colorful way to pick up some souvenirs to bring back home with you when your summer Florida journey comes to an end.

Summer Circus Spectacular, June 14- August 17, Historic Asolo Theater

The circus has been in town since John Ringling of circus fame bought 20 acres of land on Sarasota Bay back in 1911, and although the golden years of circus have mostly disappeared from the landscape, (there has been a resurgence lately, though!) the Summer Circus Spectacular keeps the magic alive. Opening night offers the first of the circus artist performances and a gala reception with the performers, with complimentary hors d’oeuvre’s, beer and wine being served (cocktails are available for purchase). After opening night, the performances just keep getting better and better, and if you can come back more than once during your visit to Sarasota, we highly recommend it. 

Repticon Sarasota 2024, June 15, Sahib Shrine Center, 600 N Beneva Road

If you are hot for cold blooded creatures, Repticon Sarasota 2024 offers an up close and personal look at a variety of reptiles from all over the world. Many of the cool creatures are for sale as are the supplies needed for a pet lizard or snake, but even if you don’t purchase anything seeing the reptiles on display is sure to be an exciting adventure that you and your kiddos will love.

8th Annual Bob Rizi Memorial Golf Tournament, June 21, The Meadows Country Club

With an average of 255 days of sunshine every year and an average air temperature running about 72 degrees, you might imagine that golf would be a popular activity, and you would be 100% correct. We love golf and we love our golf enthusiasts, including Bob Rizi, and this Memorial Golf Tournament pays homage to him in a way in which we are sure he would approve. Foursome registration includes breakfast, lunch, and a goodie bag for each player and proceeds benefit Suncoast Charities for Children, ensuring participants can have a great time while doing a good deed!

Come Home to RentTheKeys

Offering a soft place to land and many wonderful ways to continue your summer adventures in the most comfortable of ways, our seasonal sanctuaries will be the perfect place to chill out on the hottest days in June. And because having fun can be cool as well, many if not most of our properties also offer crystal clear private or community pools! Contact us and reserve your favorite escape today.