Winter all over the world was a hard one this year, featuring record-breaking snowfalls, incredibly low temperatures, and skies that were gray and sunless for far too long, and as you tear off another page on your calendar, there are two realizations that may occur: the first being that you miss the sun and warmth more than you ever thought possible, and the second being that it is time to start making your Memorial Day plans! And other than knowing that you want to go someplace warm for this extended weekend, you haven’t quite put into place exactly where your destination should be, but that’s ok. We at RentTheKeys have the ideal solution for your sun-starved skin and your permafrosted insides, as well as offering some of the most beautiful homes in which to stay! Memorial Day 2023 is destined to go down in your books as the best holiday escape ever when you choose Sarasota as your destination and any of our Sarasota havens for your home sweet vacation home! This guide to Memorial Day in beautiful Sarasota, home of the circus, the sea, and sensational sunsets, may help you discover your most favorite holiday tradition. 

We Love a Parade! 

Let’s face it, as time passes and communities grow larger, the small-town parades that used to accompany nearly every holiday (especially the patriotic ones) are disappearing. And while the realization makes us sad, we are sad for everyone else in the world that doesn’t get to enjoy the time honored tradition of a Memorial Day Parade as we do here in Sarasota! Taking place on Memorial Day, which is May 29th this year, a parade of honor will meander through the streets of downtown Sarasota beginning at 8 AM. Wear your favorite red, white, and blue shorts and tees, slather on the sunscreen, and wave those tiny flags happily at the cavalcade of veterans, active duty military, and first responders drive their patriotically decorated Jeeps (all bearing their own flags) through the streets of downtown.

Time to Jam 

The summer holidays, and yes—Memorial Day is often considered the kickoff to summer even as it is firmly entrenched in spring—are built to be ones to be enjoyed outside. We want sunny skies, barbecued meats, and of course, dance-worthy music to accompany our celebrations, and while you will be able to enjoy all of that in the comfort of your RentTheKeys holiday hideaway, we suggest taking some time to explore the music played by the Sarasota Concert Band in Phillippi State Park! The concert begins at 5 PM and will honor our heroes who sacrificed all by playing your favorite patriotic songs (and a few show tunes that you are welcome to sing along to!) Colors will be presented by one of our local scout troops, and guests can enjoy a couple of hours relaxing on blankets or beach chairs on a glorious May evening. Vendors will be on site for snacks and beverages or you can bring your own!

The All-American Barbecue 

As we stated above, the summer holidays are about music, fun, and barbecue, and although you will definitely enjoy the meals prepared at our favorite barbecue joint, Brick’s Smoked Meats, 1528 State Street, you may be tempted to spend this red, white, and blue holiday at home in your RentTheKeys escape! Nearly every property we feature will offer its own private or community grill, and many of our Sarasota escapes also provide a backyard oasis in which you can participate in your favorite all-American outdoor activities. Stream your favorite music channels without glitches, as high-speed internet is included in your rental, turn the gas to char on the shiny barbecue grills, and eat, drink, and swim the day away, (although a pool isn’t required for good times, it WILL enhance the celebration and many of our homes offer private or community pools!) honoring our military in a way we are sure they would approve. Fully equipped kitchens will make you eager to try out your Aunt Anne’s famous macaroni salad, and state-of-the-art televisions are ideal for watching patriotic themed movies with the family. After the last note of music has faded into the night air, the last bit of potato salad has been devoured, and the final sip of whatever Memorial Day themed beverage has been swallowed, retreating to the comfort of our peaceful bedrooms will bring deep sleep and happy dreams!  

How About Those Beaches? 

Of course, there is always one more holiday activity guaranteed to please, and that is a visit to the beach! Put on your red swimsuit, your blue flip flops, and head to the white sands of Sarasota for a Memorial Day you will never forget. And because the best of times begin and end at home with RentTheKeys, NOW is the perfect time to choose your favorite escape. Reserve the best of the best! Contact us today!