As time flies by, there are two separate and distinct Florida vacations you can enjoy. The first may be the one you imagine enjoying during a visit to Miami, filled with late nights spent at the clubs, days spent exploring the shopping culture, and evenings spent on epicurean exploration of the hottest restaurants in towns.  

Beach days may be skipped by pool days at the hotel and bathing suits are often meant to be seen, not to be soaked in salty or chlorinated waters. This type of adventure is definitely a fun one, but if it is what you are seeking for your upcoming Florida getaway, our Rent the Keys River House Retreat is not going to be your first choice.  

This charming 3 bed, 2 bath escape offers a prime example of the second type of Florida vacation, one filled with family nights gathered round large dining room tables playing games and laughing at the sounds of fat bullfrogs serenading to win the love of the lady frogs.  

Lazy days spent at the beach, frolicking in the surf, and relaxing on the white sand beaches of the town of Bradenton, meals that may not involve white tablecloths, but offer sandy floors and Gulf views that speak to your heart! River House Retreat is destined to bring you and your family the joy and peace you so richly deserve during your Sunshine State vacation and this guide will show you how much you need these beautiful moments! 

Joy Delivered! 

Tucked away in the verdant foliage that announces, yes, you have arrived in paradise, River House Retreat welcomes each guest with something a little different, screened in front porch that will ensure your moments spent out here drinking sweet tea will be comfortable and enjoyable ones!  

Open the blue door and step into a space that remembers the glory days of Florida while still providing the modern conveniences that makes travel so much more comfortable! An open concept floor plan combined with expansive windows that let in the views while keeping out the heat and humidity gives the spaces a bright and airy sensation! Wood floors feel good beneath bare feet (why wear shoes in paradise?) and a large sectional sofa will invite you to sit down and take a peek at what is airing on the large flat screen television hanging opposite!  

Directly behind the living room guests will find the dining room in which a teak table surrounded by cushioned chairs that match sits underneath the watchful eye of a couple of seabirds, wading in the surf, nearly hidden by sea oats and sand. We are, of course, talking about a large painting, one of many found throughout that reminds visitors that the water is always nearby; especially as the River House Retreat is located on the edge of a canal that branches off the river at the end of the street! (How convenient, don’t you think?)  

The kitchen is only a few steps away from the dining area, offering a galley style, stainless-steel appliances, and the sweetest little window over the sink. Standing here with coffee in hand, staring out onto the beauty beyond may take a little of the sting out of doing dishes, but don’t worry, the dishwasher takes on most of the burden! 

The Oasis 

The backyard of River House Retreat is definitely an oasis of fun and beauty, featuring a large grassy yard that wraps around the home, a crystal clear pool that can be heated for an additional charge, and a concrete walk that follows the path of the river just beyond. Taking a walk along the path at sunset may be your favorite obsession during your time in Bradenton, but the pool is there for fun and relaxation as well!  

Stretch out on lounge chairs feeling the winter paleness leave your skin while watching your kiddos practice their cannonballs into the cool waters of the pool! This beautiful home offers multiple ways to relax, including multiple sitting areas in the backyard and on the front porch, so if you find yourself feeling slightly lethargic, that’s a good thing and we think you should just go with the feeling! A separate dining space on a glassed in porch overlooking the pool may be your favorite spot to enjoy dinner every night, whether you cook it yourself or order pizza for delivery! 

Sleep Tight 

As the sun sinks into the waters that surround River House Retreat, you may actually begin to count the hours until you can climb into bed! Our bedrooms are designed to bring occupants what is often considered elusive, the luxury of a truly excellent night’s sleep! Each room continues the theme of sea and serenity, in the furnishings (rattan and wicker or wood headboards the color of wood that drifts up on the beaches!), in the accessories (coral imprinted blankets, shell adorned mirrors) and in the décor (more seascapes), with one particularly notable case, a charming painting of a pirate and his parrot climbing a palm tree! Marble walled showers, updated fixtures, and more sea décor decorate the 2 baths of River House Retreat and finish up this tour of charm and style! Reserve it today!