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John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park

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The land and seascape of Florida is the main reason visitors from all over the world flock to our doorstep every year, mesmerized by its lush greenery and entranced by the beauty of its sand and seas. Yes, we offer Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, and Miami is where the rich and the beautiful love to play, but it’s the Florida Keys that attract the awe of travelers, and Key Largo and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park present a world of undersea beauty that will change your life. Stretching out on land for 25 miles and extending out three miles into the Atlantic Ocean, life on land is pretty wonderful, but it’s the world under the sea that will capture your heart. Offering a variety of ways to enjoy the park, this guide to your best adventures will make you eager to begin your vacation of a lifetime in our RentTheKeys Florida sanctuaries!

Located in Key Largo

Named for a Miami news editor who played a big part in the creation of Everglades National Park, John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park may not be as large, but it offers a large variety of protected fauna and flora that is integral to the continuation of life as we know it. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in April of 1972, the mangrove swamps, and the closed canopy forests—otherwise known as tropical hammocks—give guests a unique peek into what the Florida landscape used to look like. But it is the sea that is the integral part of the park, providing the world with a clear picture of how the denizens of this mostly unexplored part of the earth live.

Explore Your Options at John Pennekamp State Park

Snorkeling through the coral reefs is a popular way to explore the sea waters around the park, and John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park offers snorkeling tours to let visitors get even closer. Choose an unguided tour and explore the reefs on your own or pay a little more for a guided tour and learn the stories behind the reefs and the creatures that make them their homes. Equipment can be rented from the park for an additional fee. If you prefer to stay dry during your explorations but are still curious as to what is underwater, a tour in a glass-bottomed boat lasts 2.5 hours and will open your eyes to the underwater world, without having to swim with the fish!

Rest Comfortably with RentTheKeys

After a day at the park, coming home to RentTheKeys and our vacation sanctuaries will offer a beautiful ending to a beautiful day. Reserve your favorite today!