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Solo Journey to the Keys

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What is a journey? The dictionary defines it as the act of traveling from one place to another, but we at RentTheKeys think it is more than that. A journey takes you to places you have never been before, teaches you joy, and in many cases, brings you to a new understanding of who and what you are, especially when the journey you take is a solo one. Exploring new landscapes, learning to appreciate the finer points of dining alone, and when your travels bring you to the Keys of Florida, discovering you don’t have to share your favorite side of the bed! These Florida Keys solo activities, large and small, will be appreciated even more when you choose our RentTheKeys vacation sanctuaries for one to be the place you rest your head each night, and as we take you on a virtual journey of their charms, we are also going to show you a vacation that will be filled with experiences that will enrich your own personal journey through life!

Siesta Key Drum Circle on Siesta Beach

This first adventure can only take place on Sunday evenings in the hour before sunset, but this one may speak to your soul like no other. Gather with the group playing drums, dancing, and celebrating the state’s most flamboyant show, that of the setting sun. Some nights there will be fire dancers or belly dancers, some nights there will be flowers offered to all who participate, but every night of the Siesta Key Drum Circle will be one that creates memories you will never forget.

Spoil Yourself with a Spa Day in Sarasota

For most of us, our life consists of taking care of everyone else, leaving our needs and wants untended to, but a spa day can change that. Blue Aloe Spa in Sarasota offers a Me Time package designed to provide time spent celebrating you! Including a one-hour hot stone aromatherapy Infused massage, a one-hour Blue Tansy Orchid Facial, a Seaweed Gel Body Wrap, and so much more, this three-hour spa package is something you so richly deserve!

Sunrise Over the Sea on Anna Maria Island

Sometimes you just need a few minutes of toes in the sand therapy to help clear up all your problems, and when you choose one of our Anna Maria Island abodes, a walk on sandy shores at sunrise may be just what you need. Rise before the sun does, knowing that you are just steps away from the comfy bed you just left, and let the serenity of the sea fill your soul. The sounds of waves crashing on the white sand beaches, the scent of salt air, and the way the sky cycles in a kaleidoscope of colors offer a quiet peace, and in these moments, you can look deep inside yourself to discover what brings you joy.

Table for One at These Florida Keys Solo Activities

One of the most difficult things to do when traveling solo is dining alone. Sitcoms have aired entire episodes of the shenanigans restaurants perform when diners eat alone, but you know that this can be the most empowering of experiences, no matter where you are in the world. Cape Coral’s Ford’s Garage, 1719 Cape Coral Parkway E, is a restaurant that pays homage to the original car guru, Henry Ford, and features a selection of vintage Fords and automobile memorabilia and serves the best burgers in the state. Longboat Key’s Lazy Lobster provides an authentic taste of the sea, serving fresh seafood and delicious cocktails best enjoyed at sunset. And the Rod and Reel Pier, back on Anna Maria Island, offers sea views and delicious seafood on a fishing pier that has stood strong against storms for decades. All of these restaurants, and so many more, will make your taste buds cheer as they also introduce you to the joy of solo dining.

Making Memories

There are a lot of adventures to be discovered during your solo journey to the Keys, but perhaps the most meaningful ones will take place in your RentTheKeys home sweet vacation home. Napping on comfortable sofas, raising a toast to the sunset on patios and balconies, or soaking in deep tubs with music playing softly in the background are all activities that will help you relax and look deeper into your soul. Our homes are designed to pamper and spoil, even the smallest condos, and every minute spent with us will add to the wonder of your solo journey to the Keys! Stay up late, reading more chapters of that bestseller you tucked into your carryon before your flight to paradise. Your adventures may be grand ones or they may be ones filled with the simple purity of a day at the beach, but because they happened during your stay with us, they will change your life forever. Reserve your favorite escape today for your Florida Keys solo journey!