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Plan Key West Trip in Summer

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The Keys are perhaps the most famous part of Florida, but do you really know what to do when you get there? It is easy to say, oh, we are going to the Keys this summer, and everyone you know will be turning green with envy, but if all you do is go to the beach during the day and go to sleep early every night, have you really succeeded in knowing the Keys? This guide for your three-day summer journey to the Keys doesn’t have to be followed exactly, but the tips, hints, and surprises we offer are definitely going to help you enjoy a vacation you will never forget! Oh, and in case you were wondering, choosing Rent The Keys, of course, is the best way to begin to plan your Key West trip!

Plan Key West Trip in Summer Plan Key West Trip in Summer

Day 1: Adventures Beginning to Unfold

Don’t you just love new beginnings? The possibilities seem endless, and on your first full day in the Keys, all that is good will come to fruition! Start this day of promise with a sunrise walk along the white beaches of Siesta Key, and once everyone else has awakened, a meal at the Sun Garden Café is the natural continuation to a day that is already perfect. Offering a menu that is both healthy and hearty, once you are full, it is time to seek out your first adventure. Stake your “acreage” on Siesta Key Beach and spend the day swimming, reading, or napping under the bright golden orb that makes life so wonderful. Enjoy your view from a different angle via a parasailing trip offered by Parasail Siesta, and if your first day is a Sunday, end it by participating in the Drum Circle held every Sunday from 5-7, accompanied by the setting sun.

When the dinner bell rings on your first night, you will definitely want to sample the seafood delights offered by Captain Cut’s Crab and Oyster Bar; even if you come from California or some other oceanside state, you will find that the seafood in this region is sweeter than just about anywhere else on earth! Ending your day with a moonlit walk along the same beach you started out on in the morning provides a natural conclusion that will linger in your memories for months to come.

Day 2: A Little Rain May Fall

A little rain may fall but there are many ways, in addition to our Florida Keys summer rentals, that will keep you dry. This IS Florida, after all, and the lush and tropical beauty that greets you upon arrival would not exist without a little rain. That doesn’t mean that it will rain every day of your stay and it should not affect how we plan a Key West trip, although, afternoon showers are quite common, rolling in and then rolling out again, almost before you even notice! In any case, should you have a rainy day, or even a few rainy hours, these activities will keep you dry and entertained.

There once was a time when the circus was the greatest event to take place, and you may not realize that John Ringling (yes, THAT Ringling) once made his home here, but he did, and you could actually spend your entire vacation exploring his world! The John & Mabel Ringling Museum in Sarasota features his extensive art collection and includes many pieces from the masters, the Circus Museum lets guests experience a taste of what the heyday of the Circus was all about, and Ca’ da’ Zan (house of John) offers a tour of the Ringlings’ own private abode. The historic Asolo Theater is a stunning and glamorous structure offering a stage on which performances of different types are held year-round, and the Bayfront Gardens can be toured from November 1 through March 28th. So, as you can see, the rain may fall, but nothing will dampen the fun you can have at the Circus!

Day 3: Final Day Plan for your Key West Trip

Today you can meander down to Cape Coral for a hike through Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve, enjoying a close up look at the natural beauty for which our state is famous. You will want to get in some last-minute beach time on this last day, so a lunch (and/or dinner) at Boat House Tiki Bar & Grill allows you to fill up an empty tank while enjoying the views you have come to crave. Finally, on your last night in town, you will want to celebrate the perfect vacation with a night on the town. Cape Coral has quite a few places to let your hair down, including Dixie Roadhouse, where country music rules the dance floor; Cruisers Lounge, which is famous for their drag shows; and Cork Soakers Deck & Wine Bar, which features tasty wines, live music, and indoor & outdoor seating!

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From Beginning to End

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