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Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals & Activities in The Florida Keys

Our families are the ones that we can always count on to be there for us, loving us when we are at our most unlovable and providing the support the real world too often fails to do. Wanting nothing more than to be fed, to be walked, and to be cuddled, our families mean everything to us and deserve to be included on vacations—and by families, we mean our fur children, of course! In all seriousness, the family vacation should be experienced by all members of your family, and when you choose one of our pet friendly vacation rentals in the Florida Keys, no one will be excluded! This guide to your dog friendly journey of Florida will help you create an itinerary that will be enjoyed by all.


Day 1: The Most Loyal


The joy in Fido’s eyes when he realizes that he too will be coming along to wherever you go when you walk out that door will be all the convincing you need to realize that you made the right decision! As we Floridians are dog lovers ourselves, you will be able to find ample pet friendly things to do in Key West, which ensures this getaway will be a memorable one. Grab a hearty breakfast at the Breakfast House in Sarasota and share your shrimp and grits with the fluffy one who deserves everything you can give him on the patio that welcomes him happily. The humans in your life aren’t the only ones who want a beach vacation, and De Soto National Memorial Beach fills the need for a day of frolicking on white sands and in clear turquoise waters. It is located just a little more than 15 miles away from the Breakfast House. If your little guy still has some extra energy to expend after your time at the beach, a hike through the beauty of Red Bug Slough Reserve is sure to do the job, and if you time it right, you can watch the sun set over the horizon as your precious pooch sniffs every rock, tree, and blade of grass along your trail!


Day 2: Spoiling Your Floofy Baby


Nothing makes us feel happier and more relaxed than a day at the spa, and Beverly Hills Dog, located at 2030 Bispham Road in Sarasota, feels your pup should experience something similar! Offering luxury grooming services that will make your Pekingese feel like a princess, they also offer doggy boarding services should you be participating in an activity that isn’t pet friendly! Bark and Bath, 2061 Siesta Drive in Sarasota, is another grooming company, but this one offers boutique supplies that include sweet gifts that will help show your puppy just how much you adore him or her. Sweet treats make every day more special and a visit to Happy Paws Boutique & Bakery will give your sweet schnauzer a dog-appropriate boost on a lazy winter day in Bradenton. Also offering grooming services, dental services, dog food and dog supplies, this one stop shop is destined to be your baby’s favorite!


Day 3: Memorable Last Moments in Our Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in The Florida Keys


As you enter the last 24 hours of your incredible Florida Keys getaway, looking back over the memories you have made will bring a tear to your eye, but if you want to make sure those memories are never forgotten, why not explore the last few pet friendly things to do in Key West. How about a reservation to get professional photos of your pooch? Dog Street Photography, 239 S Links Avenue in Sarasota, knows all the secrets to showing off your pet’s best side! Being a super model can be exhausting, so after the shoot, why not head back to your Sarasota escape for naps and treats before going back out to play later in the day? Our Cape Coral guests may want to enjoy a dinner at Twisted Lobster, 1341 Del Prado Blvd S #1, where pets are welcomed on the patio and the seafood is guaranteed to be fresh. Sweet treats for the humans can be enjoyed with dogs by their side at the outdoor tables found at BAM German Bakery, 1507 SE 47th Street, and oysters and beer will taste even better when Oso is slurping water from the bowl underneath your table at Rusty’s Raw Bar and Grill located at 4631 Southeast 10th Place.


Book the Pet Friendly Vacation Rental You Deserve 

In a world where you often feel as if you can’t trust anyone, it is always a joy to come home to the unfailing loyalty and love your dog continues to offer. Our Rent The Keys dog friendly sanctuaries allow you to give your fur babies the vacation they deserve, offering comfort, luxury, and the ability for Lulu to stay by your side instead of being left behind. Contact us and reserve your favorite property today!