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Your Dream Key West Beach Vacation Plan

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There truly are not enough words to describe the beauty of the beaches found along the Florida Keys. From the white sands that frame the turquoise waters to the palm trees to the tranquility and serenity that can be found here, a Key West beach vacation can right all the wrongs in your life, and when your life’s journey brings you to the Keys and our comfortable and luxurious Rent The Keys beach sanctuaries, you will definitely want to get in as much time at the beach as possible! Making up for all those years where you were unable to get up every day, pack your beach equipment, and head to your happy place is the goal you are happy to attain during your three days in paradise, and we at Rent The Keys are quite happy to help with Key West vacation ideas! This guide will ensure that you don’t miss out on a single second of fun during your Florida escape.

Your Dream Key West Beach Vacation Plan

Day 1: Don’t Waste a Moment

You’ve dreamed of this day your entire life, and the moment has finally arrived. Awakening on your first full day in paradise, you can barely wait to step out onto the sugar white sand visible from your Siesta Key beachfront balcony. We offer many different properties on this popular Key, so even if your view is not of the water, we can promise that you won’t have far to go to get there! There are three beaches on Siesta Key, each offering their own vibe, and you have the option of beach hopping all in one day or taking each day of your stay to explore a different one.

Siesta Beach is the most well-known, offering a variety of sports courts, two concession stands, and lifeguard stations that are open year-round. Siesta Beach is close to the shops and restaurants, so if you can’t subsist on the donuts you purchased for your morning repast, stop in the Blue Dolphin Café and enjoy a breakfast feast you will never forget! Gather up your equipment—we recommend a beach umbrella, chairs, blankets, water toys, (for those traveling with children) sunscreen, a full cooler of your favorite snacks and beverages, and a wagon with heavy wheels to tote your haul across the sugar white sand—and your day at the beach will begin in minutes!

If you choose to begin your adventures at Crescent Beach, you will find a quieter respite, even whiter sands, (if at all possible) and Point of Rocks, the only rocky beach area in this region, offering a great spot for snorkeling. The final beach on Siesta Key, Turtle Beach, is known for its horseshoe pits, picnic areas, and the playground at which your children will insist on spending a few hours! Shell and shark tooth collecting is popular at Turtle Beach, and its boat launch lets you take the fun out into deeper waters if you so choose.

Day 2: Explore The Beauty of Anna Maria Island on Your Key West Beach Vacation

As you explore the towns and islands that fall along the road to the Keys, you may be surprised at the difference in the vibes of each place. Anna Maria Island offers that classic Florida feel, and your days spent on the beach are destined to be some of the best days of your life. Anna Maria Bayfront Park is the main beach on the island, offering plenty of public parking, and because it is located near the shops and restaurants, you can claim your piece of the beach, play all morning, and head off to a fresh seafood lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant without losing your space. The sand on Anna Maria Island beaches (there are seven in total!) is a darker white and is denser in weight, but the roar of the ocean, the blue of the skies, and the overall sense of peace is just as prevalent here as it is at any of the other beaches along the Keys!

Day 3: The Sweetest Farewell

Your time in the sun has been absolutely the best time of your life and we are truly sad that you ever have to return to real life, but you still have one full day to soak up the sun and explore the beaches of the Keys. Maybe you are staying in one of our Cape Coral sanctuaries or you are just making your way down the coast for some added adventures, and today you find yourself at Lover’s Key Beach, one of the most popular beaches in the Cape Coral region. Located in Bonita Springs in Lovers Key State Park, the white sands are soft, the turquoise waters glitter under the Florida sun, and the adventures are endless! Spend your day reading, relaxing, and frolicking in the surf, and if you happen to spot dolphins off in the distance or eagles flying overhead, your day at Lover’s Key Beach will be even more perfect!

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Coming home to the comfort and joy found in our Rent the Keys sanctuaries will be a highlight in an adventure filled with wonderful moments. We have many other Key West beach vacation ideas, restaurants, beaches and activities listed throughout our site to help plan your perfect stay. Contact us now and reserve your favorite escape today!