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Health and Wellness Journey to the Keys

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When was the last time you took a breath, a break, and spent some serious time paying attention to what your mind and body were telling you? It can be difficult in this busy world we live in, where hard work is expected and rest and relaxation are often looked down upon, and that is why vacations are so important. You may not heed your body’s directives in “real life,” but when you step out of your comfort zone and into an unknown landscape, the experience can build up your energy levels, leaving you emotionally and physically equipped to get back to the work that you really do love without feeling sick and tired. A health and wellness journey can help, one in which you stay attuned to the needs of your body and soul, saying no to rush, rush, rush, and yes to a slower pace, a more serene experience, and to providing yourself comforts that normally you may not have the time for. And as you have chosen the Florida Keys for this intensive journey, choosing RentTheKeys guarantees that as you explore the land and sea and feel the sunsets in your soul, every night in Florida will bring you comfort, peace, and all the relaxation your physical body craves with these Florida Keys health and wellness destinations!

Start Small

Yes, there will be a lot to see and do during your Florida journey, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Start small upon your arrival with a visit to the white sand beaches, taking a 30-minute walk along shore’s edge. Listen to the sounds of the seagulls whooping as they find another snack, the crash of the waves against the sand, and the laughter of families as they pack up their gear, ending another day at the beach. Feel the sand between your toes, wet and clumpy as the water ebbs and flows over and against your ankles, soft and fine when you first cross over the expanse of beach. Watch the sun setting the sky on fire as it sinks lower into the horizon, its golden hue fading into brilliant shades of pink, red, and orange, until just like that, it is swallowed up by the blue waters and the lights of a billion stars begin to turn on, one at a time. This first step on your path to health and wellness may be a small one, but it will have a big impact on your physiological symptoms, and as you turn back to your RentTheKeys sanctuary, you will immediately feel the difference!

Explore Nature With These Florida Keys Health and Wellness Destinations

Florida is known to offer the most beautiful natural surroundings, and getting out and exploring can be the best way to better your physical and emotional health. A kayak tour through the Mangrove Tunnels on Lido Key is one of our favorite ways to experience the beauty of our home state, and Surf It USA offers an incredible tour in which guides take you on a serene journey under groves of ancient mangroves, teaching guests about their importance and explaining about the wildlife you will see as you paddle quietly along the water. Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is an activity that has been in existence for thousands of years, but in recent years has become one that assists in weight loss and peace of mind, and SUP Sarasota offers rentals and eco tours that will change the way you look at exercise forevermore! And finally, nothing clears the cobwebs from your mind and loosens the muscles more than a good hike, and De Soto National Memorial offers a stunning nature trail, the Riverview Point Trail, that leads hikers to a significant historical site, the spot where Hernando De Soto first landed, bringing our area of paradise to the world’s attention. Connecting with an interpretive trail through the mangroves, this hike is simple enough for the tiniest travelers to conquer while providing a beautiful natural experience to all who try it.

Find Your Peace

As you explore the epicurean land and seascape of the Keys (Owen’s Fish Camp in Sarasota is one of our favorite seafood restaurants!) and work to create a bigger understanding of your body’s needs, coming home to our RentTheKeys serene sanctuaries at the end of every day may provide the biggest impact on your peace of mind. Napping on soft sofas in the middle of the afternoon with ceiling fans whirring gently overhead, sipping wine on back patios and balconies as you take a few minutes each day to watch Mother Nature’s most spectacular show, propping yourself against padded headboards with a book in hand, preparing for your re-entry into sleep by losing yourself in the words written by your favorite authors, and then dropping into a deep and happy dream filled sleep. These moments may not make the headlines of your local papers, but they will lead you on a journey of the most comfortable sort. Reserve your favorite property today!