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Florida Keys Watersports Journey

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Surrounded by the seas, it is no wonder that your Florida vacation in the Keys has many adventures, most of which revolve around the turquoise waters! Whether you are wading at shore’s edge or parasailing overhead, there is always something fun to do at sea, and this guide to a Florida Keys watersports journey will give you and your favorite traveling companions a new way to enjoy the Gulf! RentTheKeys understands that every vacation to Florida is different, and this journey will begin with salty water and blue skies and will end every day in comfort and luxury.

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Day 1: Sticking Close to Home

As much of your first vacation day will be spent traveling, sticking close to home may be the preferred option, but by no means does it mean you won’t have an adventure. Many of our Siesta Key condos and homes offer pools, private and/or community ones, and although splashing around on a warm summer’s night may not be considered a sport, you can arrange swim races with your children, ensuring they are comfortable with the water and encouraging a little competitiveness while you sip Mai Tais and let the travel miles drop from your body!

Day 2: Nauti Hooker Water Sports: Jet Ski and Boat Rentals

If you have ever watched friends and strangers zipping across the water on jet skis and thought to yourself, “That looks like fun!” now is the perfect time to try it for yourself! Nauti Hooker Water Sports is one of our favorite places to rent from, as they don’t limit riders to a certain distance; explore the islands that surround Cape Coral to your heart’s content and discover for yourself that, yes, jet skis Florida Keys really ARE as fun as they look!

Day 3: Parasail Siesta, 1250 Stickney Point Road in Siesta Key

It’s back to Siesta Key for our third day of adventures, this time taking to the sky for a view from above! Parasailing is an adrenaline packed activity that Parasail Siesta has all figured out! Flying through the sky is destined to give you a thrill but be sure to keep your eyes on the sea, because you won’t want to miss out on seeing schools of dolphins, manatees, and any other sea life that may be frolicking in the surf! Parasailing is one of our favorite Florida Keys watersports , and we believe that it will soon be yours as well.

Day 4: Siesta Key Fishing Charters, 946 Siesta Drive in Sarasota

The joy of pitting your wits against the silver fish swimming through the lakes and ponds of your hometown will be magnified when you charter a fishing expedition with Siesta Key Fishing Charters during your fabulous Florida escape to the Keys. Offering three different fishing adventures, inshore, near shore, and off shore, (this is where the biggest catches will take place) guests can also choose between four-, five-, six-, or eight-hour adventures, bringing home the trophy fish they have always dreamed about!

Day 5: Coastline Dolphin & Snorkeling Excursions, 12312 Manatee Avenue in Bradenton

Snorkeling is an easy sport, requiring almost no equipment and easily done nearly everywhere there is a water source, so if you aren’t a joiner, you can simply stop by any sports store in town, buy (or rent) snorkels, masks, and fins (and maybe an underwater camera as well!) and head out to the beach that is nearest to your RentTheKeys sanctuary. However, if you want to see the really cool stuff, like the sunken ruins of Fort Dade, booking an adventure with Coastline Dolphin & Snorkeling Excursions will bring you memories you will never forget!

Day 6: Longboat Key Paddleboard and Kayak, 4134 Gulf of Mexico Drive in Longboat Key

SUP (Stand up paddleboarding) is a sport that has its origins in war many centuries ago, but today is considered one of the most peaceful and calming adventures a person can have on water! Longboat Key Paddleboard and Kayak offers tours that will amaze and rentals that will allow you to do your own thing on your own terms, ensuring you come away with the adventure you hoped for all those months ago when you first started planning your Florida Keys getaway. Reservations can be made by phone or text by calling (941) 650-2241.

Day 7: One Last Hurrah

Maybe you have a canal side home in Cape Coral that offers use of kayaks or maybe your condo is overlooking the Gulf of Mexico in Siesta Key. Whichever RentTheKeys escape you chose to make your own, a last-minute kayak trip on the waters behind your home, a dawn fishing trip from the white sands of Siesta Key, or maybe, just one last dip in the pool will be the best way to say goodbye to Florida. Reserve your favorite RentTheKeys home away from home today!