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Adventure Seeker’s Journey to the Keys

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Americans have always been up for adventure from the very beginning, when our forefathers left the homes they knew and loved to find a world where they could live free and untaxed. To today’s people, exploring new frontiers in sky and sea, examining the possibilities of AI, and still trying to find new ways to live free and untaxed, we love adventure! Of course, there are some people in our lives that take that urge for adventure to the next level. They are the first to try a new invention, are bored returning to the same places during travel, and don’t seem to have a clue as to what fear means and we at RentTheKeys welcome the thrill seekers as easily as we do everyone else. Offering comfortable homes and guides to activities that will strike the red zone in their “fun o’ meters” we can promise that your adventure seeker journey to the keys will be fun, exciting, and full of things to see in Key West!

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Day 1: Trying New Foods

Your first day in Sarasota is destined to be filled with travel and exploration of your RentTheKeys sanctuary, but an adventure in dining can still be enjoyed. The Screaming Goat Taqueria, 6566 Gateway Avenue, offers a Latin American dining experience that will be familiar in some ways (Can we ever get enough chips and salsa in our diets?) but also offers some choices your adventurer won’t be able to ignore! Their Korean Beef Tacos with Gochujang Barbecue and Curtido (Salvadoran cabbage slaw) will change the way you look at America’s favorite handheld forevermore!

Day 2: Take to the Skies

Sometimes the best adventures have their origins in the past, and a tour with Sarasota Biplane Adventures, 1234 Clyde Jones Road, (also in Sarasota) is the perfect example! Fly like the Red Baron, only with updated and modern versions of his red biplane, and enjoy a view of Sarasota, the sea, and the most famous beaches in the world. Offering a variety of tours, guests will come away from this adventure with an entirely new outlook on their Sarasota vacation!

Day 3: The Sea Awaits

The water surrounds us in Florida and at least one of your adventures should involve the sea! Conway Charters, 4821 Coronado Parkway #2 in Cape Coral, offers all kinds of water adventures including deep sea fishing, eco-tours, even manatee watching and shell collecting for those who seek adventures with a lower heart pumping value. Captain John Conway has over 30 years of sea faring experience and knows where all the big fish are biting, so if angling is your thing, the Captain is your man!

Day 4: Peaceful Adventures

Kayaking is perhaps one of the most peaceful water adventures you can enjoy in life, (minus the white waters, of course) and if Longboat Key is where your RentTheKeys escape is located, Happy Paddler Kayak Tours and & EcoVentures, 6844 Gulf of Mexico Drive in Longboat Key, has an adventure waiting for you! Choose a guided sunset kayak tour or coastal island tour that takes paddlers around Anna Maria Island (Hey, is that your RentTheKeys condo you can see from the water?) or rent a kayak and take off on your own! Kayaking is an easy sport to pick up and staff will teach you the tools of the trade.

Day 5: Kiteboarding on Siesta Key

Kiteboarding offers the ultimate in Florida things to see in Key West and Kiss the Sky Kiteboarding School can help you begin your newest obsession safely and with fun! Once your lessons have completed, the waters off Siesta Key offer the ideal spot to check out your new hobby, but for lesson purposes, the instructors will keep you in shallower waters near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in nearby Tampa. They can also show you the best places in town to rent the equipment.

Day 6: Meet the Alligators!

We have a complicated relationship with the alligators in Sarasota. On one hand, it’s kind of cool to see them laying on the grass outside the water, sunning their large bodies on a lazy Tuesday, and on the other, they eat people and dogs, so we give them a wide berth! Sarasota Jungle Gardens, however, located at 3701 Bay Shore Road, will give guests the opportunity to enjoy the sweeter side of the coldblooded reptiles, as well as meet many other local wildlife for a greater understanding of animals overall. Also providing the opportunity to hold baby alligators and pet some of the farm animals that make their home here, a visit to Sarasota Jungle Gardens should be included on every itinerary!

Day 7: The Saddest Adventure

This last day is the start of a new adventure, the one involving more travel and returning to your own bed! The end of vacation can be a sad adventure, but it can also be a time when you start planning a return trip to the Keys and another stay in our RentTheKeys havens of peace and comfort. Reserve your favorite property with us today!