Oh, how we love the summer holidays here at RentTheKeys. Filled with a laid back excitement that don’t involve a whole lot of preparation, these celebrations are the epitome of what makes our nation special, involving family, food, and as is the case with 4th of July, fireworks celebrations that will awe, no matter how old or how young we are! Independence Day is a special event, both celebrating the day we became an independent nation and taking place when the joy of summer is still bright and shiny. Also often occurring during another favored national pastime, summer vacation, many Americans choose to come to the beach for 4th of July, and the beaches of Sarasota are amongst the most popular places to visit! Offering stunning sands, turquoise waters, and distinctly all-American celebrations for the red, white, and boom day of your dreams, visitors who choose our RentTheKeys Sarasota havens can also experience comfort, relaxation, and style. This guide to 4th of July in Sarasota just may take the guess work out of where you should spend the beautiful summer holiday! 

BOGO at Sarasota Jungle Gardens, July 3 & July 4, 3701 Bay Shore Road 

We all love a good deal, and the Buy One, Get One half off deal offered by Sarasota Jungle Gardens on July 3rd and 4th gives visitors a great way to begin celebrating! Families can enjoy a taste of the wild side of Sarasota at the gardens, featuring 10 acres of local flora and over 200 native and exotic animals that will add a low key excitement to your Sarasota adventures. This amazing place has been wowing people from all over the world since the 1930s, and as you feed the flamingos, (Did you know they get their vibrant pink hue from the food they eat, and that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?) get your picture taken with an alligator, and explore the coldblooded reptiles that make their home here, we think you will find the day is about as perfect as it can be! 

All-American Cookout – Selby Gardens, July 4, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 900 S. Palm Ave 

What’s more American than a cookout? A cookout held at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens that ends with fantastic fireworks over Sarasota Bay! The food, provided by Michael’s on East, promises to be exquisite, especially as it is prepared by others, and you don’t have to linger over the heat of a grill on a hot summer night! Cold beverages, grilled burgers, and a stroll through the gardens (starting at 5:30 and ending at 9) will give guests the ultimate 4th of July fun. 

Kids’ Summer Beach Run – Siesta Beach, 6:30 PM on July 4th 

If we live to be 102 years old, we will never understand why kids never walk and always run, but the Kids’ Summer Beach Run held at Siesta Beach on Siesta Key will at the very least help them burn off some of their energy. This event actually takes place every week on Tuesdays from June 6 through July 25th, and parents, if you are looking for a chance to get some exercise in before you eat all those burgers and drink all that beer, you are invited too! It lasts just a mile, and we can assure you that running through the sand is an experience you will love. And don’t worry, you will be done in plenty of time to make it to any of the fireworks shows in the area! 

Siesta Key 4th of July Fireworks, July 4th on Siesta Beach 

No matter how you spend your hours leading up to the big fireworks finale, watching the show from the sugary sands of Siesta Beach will be an activity that you will remember forevermore! The sky will be aglow with the kaleidoscopic colors of fireworks, starting at approximately 9:15 PM, and as you sit there on your chair in the sand, staring up at a show that will also be reflected in the waters that surround Siesta Key, we dare you to think of any better way to celebrate the most American of all holidays!

Family, Fun, and 4th of July 

The best moments, however, may be the ones that find you sitting in our RentTheKeys holiday sanctuaries, relaxing with the family, and enjoying the comforts we provide. Maybe you will rent a home with its own pool in the backyard, and choose to spend the entire day swimming, tanning, and devouring the foods you grill on the shiny barbecue or prepare in our fully equipped kitchens. Maybe you will find yourself sitting out on comfortable patio furniture at dusk, reveling in the fireworks displays you can see from right there, sipping your favorite holiday beverage and letting the magic of the holiday bring you joy. However you choose to celebrate, spending these wonderful moments with us will be memorable ones. Reserve your favorite property and contact us today!