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 As time flies by, there are two separate and distinct Florida vacations you can enjoy. The first may be the one you imagine enjoying during a visit to Miami, filled with late nights spent at the clubs, days spent exploring the shopping culture, and evenings spent on epicurean exploration of the hottest restaurants in towns.  

Beach days may be skipped by pool days at the hotel and bathing suits are often meant to be seen, not to be soaked in salty or chlorinated waters. This type of adventure is definitely a fun one, but if it is what you are seeking for your upcoming Florida getaway, our Rent the Keys River House Retreat is not going to be your first choice.  

This charming 3 bed, 2 bath escape offers a prime example of the second type of Florida vacation, one filled with family nights gathered round large dining room tables playing games and laughing at the sounds of fat bullfrogs serenading to win the love of the lady frogs.  

Lazy days spent at the beach, frolicking in the surf, and relaxing on the white sand beaches of the town of Bradenton, meals that may not involve white tablecloths, but offer sandy floors and Gulf views that speak to your heart! River House Retreat is destined to bring you and your family the joy and peace you so richly deserve during your Sunshine State vacation and this guide will show you how much you need these beautiful moments! 

Joy Delivered! 

Tucked away in the verdant foliage that announces, yes, you have arrived in paradise, River House Retreat welcomes each guest with something a little different, screened in front porch that will ensure your moments spent out here drinking sweet tea will be comfortable and enjoyable ones!  

Open the blue door and step into a space that remembers the glory days of Florida while still providing the modern conveniences that makes travel so much more comfortable! An open concept floor plan combined with expansive windows that let in the views while keeping out the heat and humidity gives the spaces a bright and airy sensation! Wood floors feel good beneath bare feet (why wear shoes in paradise?) and a large sectional sofa will invite you to sit down and take a peek at what is airing on the large flat screen television hanging opposite!  

Directly behind the living room guests will find the dining room in which a teak table surrounded by cushioned chairs that match sits underneath the watchful eye of a couple of seabirds, wading in the surf, nearly hidden by sea oats and sand. We are, of course, talking about a large painting, one of many found throughout that reminds visitors that the water is always nearby; especially as the River House Retreat is located on the edge of a canal that branches off the river at the end of the street! (How convenient, don’t you think?)  

The kitchen is only a few steps away from the dining area, offering a galley style, stainless-steel appliances, and the sweetest little window over the sink. Standing here with coffee in hand, staring out onto the beauty beyond may take a little of the sting out of doing dishes, but don’t worry, the dishwasher takes on most of the burden! 

The Oasis 

The backyard of River House Retreat is definitely an oasis of fun and beauty, featuring a large grassy yard that wraps around the home, a crystal clear pool that can be heated for an additional charge, and a concrete walk that follows the path of the river just beyond. Taking a walk along the path at sunset may be your favorite obsession during your time in Bradenton, but the pool is there for fun and relaxation as well!  

Stretch out on lounge chairs feeling the winter paleness leave your skin while watching your kiddos practice their cannonballs into the cool waters of the pool! This beautiful home offers multiple ways to relax, including multiple sitting areas in the backyard and on the front porch, so if you find yourself feeling slightly lethargic, that’s a good thing and we think you should just go with the feeling! A separate dining space on a glassed in porch overlooking the pool may be your favorite spot to enjoy dinner every night, whether you cook it yourself or order pizza for delivery! 

Sleep Tight 

As the sun sinks into the waters that surround River House Retreat, you may actually begin to count the hours until you can climb into bed! Our bedrooms are designed to bring occupants what is often considered elusive, the luxury of a truly excellent night’s sleep! Each room continues the theme of sea and serenity, in the furnishings (rattan and wicker or wood headboards the color of wood that drifts up on the beaches!), in the accessories (coral imprinted blankets, shell adorned mirrors) and in the décor (more seascapes), with one particularly notable case, a charming painting of a pirate and his parrot climbing a palm tree! Marble walled showers, updated fixtures, and more sea décor decorate the 2 baths of River House Retreat and finish up this tour of charm and style! Reserve it today! 

Dream vacations can come true, you just have to make a little effort. Choosing the right destination (you chose Sarasota, so you can check that off your list!) the right vacation home (again, Rent the Keys was the perfect choice!), and the right activities! (It’s Florida, summer, and you are at the beach; there’s no way to mess that up!) And because Sarasota offers more than the best-tasting seafood you have ever enjoyed and white sand beaches you will never want to leave, we have done a little research and created this list of the top summer events of 2023, knowing that no matter how wonderful your vacation is destined to be, it can always be enhanced! And as you go about your summer days, having fun and relaxing under the Sarasota sun, knowing that you get to come home to our beautiful summer sanctuaries every evening will be the cherry on top of the most delicious vacation sundae ever! 

Sarasota Music Festival, June 16th, Sarasota Opera House, 61 N Pineapple Avenue 

By the time you read this, June 2023 will be over but we want you to know that you have something to look forward to for your 2024 summer visit! The classical music and beach vacations do go hand in hand and this year (next year is sure to be as wonderful!) the musical “subject” will be Appalachian Spring, celebrating the stylings of Mozart, Copland, and Brahms. Lasting 2 hours and offering ticket prices that start at $29 (topping out at $50) this sweet evening of music and class will be remembered fondly for years to come! 

Waves and Wheels Kickoff Party and Fun Run, June 30-July 1, Joyland Live Music Venue 

This fun event is also a benefit for Suncoast Charities for Children so you can combine a great party with a good deed, simply by purchasing tickets! The Kickoff Party for Waves and Wheels begins at 5 PM on the 30th, and provides food, beverages, casino games, and, of course, live music! The fun run is held the next day and if you aren’t into running unless something or someone is chasing you (especially on vacation!) this run is for cars, motorcycles, or boats! Strap yourself in, put on your helmets, and garner your points at each stop along the route! Ticket costs range between $25 to $125 so this worthy event will fit into every traveler’s budget!

Stars, Stripes, and Rooftop Delights, July 4, 100 Marina View Drive 

Happy Birthday to America! 4th of July is our favorite holiday and this rooftop event brings visitors even closer to the best part of the holiday, the fireworks extravaganza! Taking place on the rooftop of the Sarasota Westin (the tallest building in town), there will be a DJ hosting a dance party, stunning views of our beautiful hometown, a barbecue buffet, and of course, all the red, white, and BOOM you can handle! Tickets range from $30 to $100. 

Annual St. Armand’s Circle Art Festival, August 15 through August 19 

St. Armand’s Circle is known for its high-end shops, restaurants, and galleries and every August it is also known for its annual art festival! Offering art created by local artists, crafts created by local craftsmen and women, and always more than a few opportunities to enjoy a good meal! Spend a few hours of your vacation escape wandering through the aisles, finding gifts and souvenirs that you just won’t find anywhere else. Also offering jewelry, pottery, and other artistic pieces, the circle offers festivals multiple times each year, so if a summer visit isn’t on your agenda, check out their schedule to learn when the next one will be! 

Sarasota Slam Fishing Tournament, August 23 through August 27 

The seas that surround our fair city are loaded with the ultimate trophies, the sea creatures that live under the sea and if you are visiting at the end of summer, it is the perfect time to try out one of our state’s more well-known events, the Sarasota Slam Fishing Tournament. Offering a variety of competitions, including fun fishing and junior divisions, the top prize for the professionals participating is $500,000! Also offering a Saturday evening barbecue and a party that honors all that have participated, this event more than most, represents the best part of Florida life! 

Your Summer Vacation 

When you really think about it, couldn’t your annual family vacation be considered an event? Summer is sweeter when spent in our Rent the Keys Sarasota sanctuaries, designed to make the season, and your vacation, feel even more special! Hold family barbecues in the backyards, binge-watch summer-themed movies on a languidly beautiful summer night and celebrate the joys of a family vacation in comfort and luxury. Reserve your favorite escape today! 

Oh, how we love the summer holidays here at RentTheKeys. Filled with a laid back excitement that don’t involve a whole lot of preparation, these celebrations are the epitome of what makes our nation special, involving family, food, and as is the case with 4th of July, fireworks celebrations that will awe, no matter how old or how young we are! Independence Day is a special event, both celebrating the day we became an independent nation and taking place when the joy of summer is still bright and shiny. Also often occurring during another favored national pastime, summer vacation, many Americans choose to come to the beach for 4th of July, and the beaches of Sarasota are amongst the most popular places to visit! Offering stunning sands, turquoise waters, and distinctly all-American celebrations for the red, white, and boom day of your dreams, visitors who choose our RentTheKeys Sarasota havens can also experience comfort, relaxation, and style. This guide to 4th of July in Sarasota just may take the guess work out of where you should spend the beautiful summer holiday! 

BOGO at Sarasota Jungle Gardens, July 3 & July 4, 3701 Bay Shore Road 

We all love a good deal, and the Buy One, Get One half off deal offered by Sarasota Jungle Gardens on July 3rd and 4th gives visitors a great way to begin celebrating! Families can enjoy a taste of the wild side of Sarasota at the gardens, featuring 10 acres of local flora and over 200 native and exotic animals that will add a low key excitement to your Sarasota adventures. This amazing place has been wowing people from all over the world since the 1930s, and as you feed the flamingos, (Did you know they get their vibrant pink hue from the food they eat, and that a group of flamingos is called a flamboyance?) get your picture taken with an alligator, and explore the coldblooded reptiles that make their home here, we think you will find the day is about as perfect as it can be! 

All-American Cookout – Selby Gardens, July 4, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, 900 S. Palm Ave 

What’s more American than a cookout? A cookout held at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens that ends with fantastic fireworks over Sarasota Bay! The food, provided by Michael’s on East, promises to be exquisite, especially as it is prepared by others, and you don’t have to linger over the heat of a grill on a hot summer night! Cold beverages, grilled burgers, and a stroll through the gardens (starting at 5:30 and ending at 9) will give guests the ultimate 4th of July fun. 

Kids’ Summer Beach Run – Siesta Beach, 6:30 PM on July 4th 

If we live to be 102 years old, we will never understand why kids never walk and always run, but the Kids’ Summer Beach Run held at Siesta Beach on Siesta Key will at the very least help them burn off some of their energy. This event actually takes place every week on Tuesdays from June 6 through July 25th, and parents, if you are looking for a chance to get some exercise in before you eat all those burgers and drink all that beer, you are invited too! It lasts just a mile, and we can assure you that running through the sand is an experience you will love. And don’t worry, you will be done in plenty of time to make it to any of the fireworks shows in the area! 

Siesta Key 4th of July Fireworks, July 4th on Siesta Beach 

No matter how you spend your hours leading up to the big fireworks finale, watching the show from the sugary sands of Siesta Beach will be an activity that you will remember forevermore! The sky will be aglow with the kaleidoscopic colors of fireworks, starting at approximately 9:15 PM, and as you sit there on your chair in the sand, staring up at a show that will also be reflected in the waters that surround Siesta Key, we dare you to think of any better way to celebrate the most American of all holidays!

Family, Fun, and 4th of July 

The best moments, however, may be the ones that find you sitting in our RentTheKeys holiday sanctuaries, relaxing with the family, and enjoying the comforts we provide. Maybe you will rent a home with its own pool in the backyard, and choose to spend the entire day swimming, tanning, and devouring the foods you grill on the shiny barbecue or prepare in our fully equipped kitchens. Maybe you will find yourself sitting out on comfortable patio furniture at dusk, reveling in the fireworks displays you can see from right there, sipping your favorite holiday beverage and letting the magic of the holiday bring you joy. However you choose to celebrate, spending these wonderful moments with us will be memorable ones. Reserve your favorite property and contact us today! 

There’s something about the scent of salt in the air. As if by magic, the first sniff loosens the tight muscles in our shoulders even before we hear the sounds of the waves that quickly follow. We kick off our too tight shoes, slip into our favorite swimsuits, and forget that somewhere out there, beyond the sand and the sea, is a world filled with trauma and strife. And when you choose our Villa Salt Life property for your Florida escape, the serenity, the peace, and the tranquility of this 3-bedroom, 3-bath waterfront home in Cape Coral promises to provide a getaway you will wish never had to end. Today, we want to take our very important guests on a walkthrough of everything that makes Villa Salt Life the vacation home that will prove that vacation dreams can come true, so take a moment, pour a glass of your favorite beverage, and prepare to be amazed! 

Open and Bright 

Offering a taste of the tropics, the gray stuccoed exterior with its matching slate roof welcomes all guests to drop their troubles at the door and start the relaxation process immediately! Cool tile flooring leads the way into a beautiful space that is open, bright, and welcoming, featuring an open concept floor plan that is destined to please. And although it may feel as if we are using the word open a little too much, you will find that the way the living room opens into the backyard, offering a wall of windows that slide into the walls, creates an inviting indoor/outdoor experience that will stun. Sink into the plush sofas that form a U, providing a conversation area as well as the perfect spot to sit and surf through the channels on the state-of-the-art television mounted to the wall opposite. A nap on a breezy day has never been so luxurious, especially as those windows are left open, giving the feeling of sleeping in nature! 

The dining room of Villa Salt Life is tucked away, just off the kitchen, but if you only use that space for playing games or building puzzles, no one will judge—especially as the backyard provides the perfect spot for al fresco dining. (We’ll explore this section of paradise a little further down the page!) But first, let’s take a peek at the modern kitchen that is the heart of this open concept floor plan, providing high-end appliances in stainless steel, cool stone countertops, and a large breakfast bar on which many bowls of cereal and cups of coffee will be consumed! Dark wood cabinets provide a dramatic complement to the subway tiled backsplash and the small appliances that line the countertops ensure that every food or beverage related needs are met. A fully equipped laundry room offers more proof as to how we at RentTheKeys have put thought into every detail of this charming villa. 

The Moment You Have Been Waiting For 

Before we stroll on back to the beautiful bedrooms of Villa Salt Life, it’s time to step outside and explore all that this oasis has to offer! The walls of windows may be left open during much of your stay with little fear of inclement weather spoiling your fun, as a deep covered patio employs a barrier against stray rain drops. Out here, the options for fun and relaxation increase your chance of having a stay that exceeds all dreams, and at first you may be focused on the large pool that anchors the screened-in lanai. Crystal clear waters, turquoise Adirondack chairs placed on the Baja shelf, and a raised hot tub paint a picture of beauty and fun, but the canal that runs along the back ups the ante! A private dock with its own thatched roof and more chairs underneath, an open air of dock with two brightly painted chairs surrounding a fire pit, and a boat lift ensure that much excitement and relaxation will be had out here. Of course, there is more to explore in this backyard paradise, including an outdoor kitchen, comfortable seating options, and a television and outdoor fireplace that may make guests want to spend ALL their time outside, perhaps even forgetting they really should be exploring what Cape Coral has to offer beyond the boundaries of this sweet home! 

The Ultimate Luxury 

Let’s face it. Sleep isn’t as easy to accomplish the older we get, but in Villa Salt Life, it will be the easiest thing you have ever done. Each of our three bedrooms provide a serene place to let go of your troubles and fall into the deepest sleep of your adult life. Anchored by king sized beds with padded headboards, bunkbeds topped with colorful bedding, and offering televisions for some night time entertainment options, these spaces, along with their modern and stylish ensuite baths, will meet your every need and whim! 

Reserve Villa Salt Life and contact us today! 

Winter all over the world was a hard one this year, featuring record-breaking snowfalls, incredibly low temperatures, and skies that were gray and sunless for far too long, and as you tear off another page on your calendar, there are two realizations that may occur: the first being that you miss the sun and warmth more than you ever thought possible, and the second being that it is time to start making your Memorial Day plans! And other than knowing that you want to go someplace warm for this extended weekend, you haven’t quite put into place exactly where your destination should be, but that’s ok. We at RentTheKeys have the ideal solution for your sun-starved skin and your permafrosted insides, as well as offering some of the most beautiful homes in which to stay! Memorial Day 2023 is destined to go down in your books as the best holiday escape ever when you choose Sarasota as your destination and any of our Sarasota havens for your home sweet vacation home! This guide to Memorial Day in beautiful Sarasota, home of the circus, the sea, and sensational sunsets, may help you discover your most favorite holiday tradition. 

We Love a Parade! 

Let’s face it, as time passes and communities grow larger, the small-town parades that used to accompany nearly every holiday (especially the patriotic ones) are disappearing. And while the realization makes us sad, we are sad for everyone else in the world that doesn’t get to enjoy the time honored tradition of a Memorial Day Parade as we do here in Sarasota! Taking place on Memorial Day, which is May 29th this year, a parade of honor will meander through the streets of downtown Sarasota beginning at 8 AM. Wear your favorite red, white, and blue shorts and tees, slather on the sunscreen, and wave those tiny flags happily at the cavalcade of veterans, active duty military, and first responders drive their patriotically decorated Jeeps (all bearing their own flags) through the streets of downtown.

Time to Jam 

The summer holidays, and yes—Memorial Day is often considered the kickoff to summer even as it is firmly entrenched in spring—are built to be ones to be enjoyed outside. We want sunny skies, barbecued meats, and of course, dance-worthy music to accompany our celebrations, and while you will be able to enjoy all of that in the comfort of your RentTheKeys holiday hideaway, we suggest taking some time to explore the music played by the Sarasota Concert Band in Phillippi State Park! The concert begins at 5 PM and will honor our heroes who sacrificed all by playing your favorite patriotic songs (and a few show tunes that you are welcome to sing along to!) Colors will be presented by one of our local scout troops, and guests can enjoy a couple of hours relaxing on blankets or beach chairs on a glorious May evening. Vendors will be on site for snacks and beverages or you can bring your own!

The All-American Barbecue 

As we stated above, the summer holidays are about music, fun, and barbecue, and although you will definitely enjoy the meals prepared at our favorite barbecue joint, Brick’s Smoked Meats, 1528 State Street, you may be tempted to spend this red, white, and blue holiday at home in your RentTheKeys escape! Nearly every property we feature will offer its own private or community grill, and many of our Sarasota escapes also provide a backyard oasis in which you can participate in your favorite all-American outdoor activities. Stream your favorite music channels without glitches, as high-speed internet is included in your rental, turn the gas to char on the shiny barbecue grills, and eat, drink, and swim the day away, (although a pool isn’t required for good times, it WILL enhance the celebration and many of our homes offer private or community pools!) honoring our military in a way we are sure they would approve. Fully equipped kitchens will make you eager to try out your Aunt Anne’s famous macaroni salad, and state-of-the-art televisions are ideal for watching patriotic themed movies with the family. After the last note of music has faded into the night air, the last bit of potato salad has been devoured, and the final sip of whatever Memorial Day themed beverage has been swallowed, retreating to the comfort of our peaceful bedrooms will bring deep sleep and happy dreams!  

How About Those Beaches? 

Of course, there is always one more holiday activity guaranteed to please, and that is a visit to the beach! Put on your red swimsuit, your blue flip flops, and head to the white sands of Sarasota for a Memorial Day you will never forget. And because the best of times begin and end at home with RentTheKeys, NOW is the perfect time to choose your favorite escape. Reserve the best of the best! Contact us today!

As the seasons rush by in a flurry of work, family, play, and friends, it is time to explore the next holiday in the roundup, the last one before the summer months hit. Many of today’s travelers prefer to travel when others aren’t, enjoying the beauty of less crowded attractions, shorter wait times in restaurants, and less cars on the streets and because Easter  2023 in Sarasota isn’t a normal traveling holiday, it is the perfect time to visit the stunning city of Sarasota! Offering incredible weather, beautiful beaches, and a friendly hometown feel that will make you feel right at home, your Easter celebrations will be even more wonderful when you spend them in one of our RentTheKeys holiday hideaways! This guide to the fun you can have, the ways you can enjoy your familiar holiday traditions while making new ones, and the comforts found in our homey escapes will help give you a little something extra to look forward to in the upcoming days and weeks before your getaway. 

Easter Egg Hunts 

Families with young children know that the first thing their kiddos are going to wonder about, is the Easter Egg hunt that they start every holiday with, and fortunately, your options in Sarasota are plentiful, starting on April 1st and leading up to the big day itself, Sunday, April 9th! The Eggstravaganza Annual Egg Hunt, Waterside Place at Lakewood Ranch, 7500 Island Cove Terrace in Sarasota, is first up on our list, requiring pre-registration and offering a hunt divided into age groups, a chance to meet the Big Bunny himself, face painting and food booths. For a different twist on the same event, the Aqua Egg Hunt is also held on April 1st, Arlington Park & Aquatic Complex, 2650 Waldemere St in Sarasota, and gives kiddos (divided into age groups as well) the chance to hunt for eggs in the waist-deep pool! And for those who like to wait for the big day, the Sarasota Polo Club, Sarasota Polo Club, 8201 Polo Club Lane, offers an egg drop, an Easter brunch, contests regarding cookies and bourbon drinks, and the opportunity to watch a Polo game on Easter Sunday. 

Easter Brunch 

When it comes to a good meal we are all in and if the brunch at the Sarasota Polo Club is a little beyond your comfort zone, you may find the brunch offered at Element: Steak, Seafood, and Pasta, more your speed! Located in downtown Sarasota at 1413 Main Street, the menu hasn’t been released yet, but we can promise it will be delicious, especially as Mimosa Bottle Service is included! If you want to be even more casual in your Easter dining selections, however, may we suggest a picnic on the beach? Pack a cooler filled with ham sandwiches, your favorite beverages, and some chocolate Easter eggs as well and head to any of the beautiful beaches in the area for a day of sun, beauty, and family togetherness! 

Easter with RentTheKeys 

Of course, everything you can do in Sarasota to celebrate the Easter holiday can be enjoyed at home in your RentTheKeys holiday hideaway, and it may even bring you more fun and excitement! Boil your eggs and create your Easter feast in fully equipped kitchens offering high-end appliances, stone countertops, and enough space for more than one chef to share the culinary duties. Decorating your eggs at our large dining room tables, or even taking them outside to enjoy the sun that is shining on your Easter escape will encourage you to take lots of pictures, guaranteed to make your friends and family at home feel jealous. Even in April, the chance of a spring snowstorm is high, and chances are they are digging themselves out from under the effects of the latest storm! Let the honorary Easter Bunny hide the eggs you decorated in large yards, on spacious balconies, or all through the house, if your escape really doesn’t have much hiding space outdoors, letting your kids run mild on their hunt for Easter eggs. 

This holiday, like most holidays, is about spending time with family, and as you and yours gather around family style dinner tables, devouring an Easter ham and all the fixings, you will realize that Easter in Sarasota might just become a new family tradition! After the meal is finished and the dishes are all cleared away, state-of-the-art televisions can be turned to your favorite Easter movie or television show; how long has it been since you watched It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown? Our smart televisions offer all the streaming apps, so just sign in to your favorite, and end your Easter day with laughter and memories! Contact us today! 

After choosing a destination, the second most important detail of your trip is choosing the place that will shelter you between adventures. You want spaces that welcome and rooms that spoil, and when your upcoming vacation takes you to the beauty of Siesta Key, you want to be at the beach whenever possible! RentTheKeys understands exactly what you need, and our Bay Oaks E01 property will give you the vibe you seek and the comfort you need. Offering two serene bedrooms, two spacious baths, and the space for up to six travelers to live happily together, this charming condo is located just off the intercoastal, ensuring that the views you enjoy will be ones that will stun. Shining the spotlight on this special property will help give you something to look forward to in the days and weeks that lead up to your fabulous Florida vacation of a lifetime!

Reflections of the Sea 

The sugar white sands of the beaches of Siesta Key will never be far from your heart or mind when you step inside our Bay Oaks escape. Offering walls painted the color of the summer sky after a brief rain and decorations that remind you how wonderful life at the beach can be, every room provides a cheerful reminder that you have reached the destination of your dreams. In other states, vacation properties often offer wood floors, but in Florida we not only love the feel of cool tile against bare feet, we also appreciate how easy it can be to sweep away the fine granules of sand that may linger on your body, your clothes, or the bags you carried in from your beach day! Follow the paths these cool tiles create and make your first stop in the living room area that provides a comfortable place to relax when you aren’t outside playing! 

The living area is a bright and open space anchored by a soft sofa and loveseat upholstered in dove gray fabric, both of which are precisely placed so as to enjoy clear views of a state-of-the-art television offering crystal-clear pictures that will make viewers feel as if they are a part of the action on the screen. The back wall of the living room is actually an oversized sliding glass door that leads out to a small screened-in patio, offering sweet views of the community and the intercoastal waterway. It’s a great place to relax and chat on a beautiful spring evening. 

Heading back inside, the kitchen of E01 is a compact space offering updated appliances, stone countertops, and a breakfast bar that is fronted by two comfortable bar stools. Enjoy fresh brewed coffee every morning of your stay, keep your wine and beer chilled to proper temps, and if you fancy an evening spent relaxing and enjoying the amenities of your vacation home away from home, you can prepare a meal in this fully equipped kitchen. The dining room is in the center of the public spaces, just as the way you use it may be the center of all family activities. From dining to the playing of board games, puzzle building to coffee sipping, this bright and cheerful glass table surrounded by padded wicker chairs will bring you comfort and joy during your escape to Siesta Key. 

The master suite of E01 gives off a farmhouse appeal, dominated by a wood-framed king bed painted white and kept light by the oversized window that peaks out onto a lush and verdant landscape. The master bath provides a single vanity and tub shower combo with a sea themed shower curtain, while the second bath is similar, only differing in its offering of a glass doored walk in shower. The second bedroom of this Bay Oaks escape is cheerful and fun, offering twin beds that mimic the farmhouse appeal of the king bed in the master suite. 

Of Course, There Is More!

The Bay Oaks condo community is a beautiful one, offering paved walkways that follow the intercoastal, walkways that are often most busy at sunset as visitors want to get out and experience the beauty of water. “Secret” seating areas can be found throughout the grassy landscape of the community, and a large, crystal-clear pool provides a fun way to enjoy a warm Florida day. Community barbecues are meant to be used, and its location just off the white sands of Siesta Key beaches ensures that guests will be able to spend more time frolicking in the surf and less time driving from home to beach! 

Vacation Life Is Better with RentTheKeys! 

Reserve this beautiful sanctuary today and spend your vacation days enjoying all the comforts of home in between all the exciting Florida adventures you will be experiencing! Contact us today!

As we turn the corner into spring, we often find ourselves wanting to travel. Maybe it’s the Spring Breaks of our college days or maybe we just want to celebrate the upcoming warmer days, but for whatever reason, spring travel runs a close second behind summer vacations, and many travelers find themselves heading south for a Florida vacation. And because spring in Sarasota is one of the most beautiful times of the year, you too may be considering a getaway to our city on the Gulf and a stay in our Sarasota spring sanctuaries at RentTheKeys! This guide to some of our favorite 2023 upcoming spring events in Sarasota will give you a little something to look forward to in the cold and gloomy days leading up to your sunshine filled getaway in Sarasota!

Sarasota County Fair, March 17-26, 3000 Ringling Boulevard

There’s just something heartwarming about a county fair, inviting guests to forget they are grown as they eat carnival food, ride the rides that make them queasy, and try to win their sweethearts a stuffy from the midway games! There is no more beautiful feeling than walking around a fairgrounds on a sunny Sarasota day, checking out the prize hogs, examining the talented artwork, and devouring an elephant ear topped with all the powdered sugar or honey that you can handle and knowing that back home, your brother is shoveling acres of snow from his driveway and sidewalks, because Mother Nature in Ohio hasn’t got the memo that spring has arrived!

Suncoast Boat Show, April 20 Through April 22, Marina Jack

In Sarasota, our boats are more important than the cars we drive and when you get a taste of the boating life, you may find yourself as obsessed by it as we are! The Suncoast Boat Show will feed your obsession, offering a stunning display of new and pre-owned yachts for sale, and although you may not be in the market for a yacht, it still offers an exciting way to see all the possibilities and incite luxurious daydreams that may someday be realized! For those who may actively be in the market for a yacht, you can set up an appointment to talk with the show’s salespersons by clicking on this link here. Tickets can be purchased online as well.

Forks and Corks Food and Wine Festival, April 22 and April 23, The Ringling Courtyard

Anytime you travel somewhere new you always want to enjoy a taste of the town and this incredibly delicious festival allows you to sample some of the best restaurants all at the same time! Located at 5401 Bayshore Road and offering Master Classes on April 23 while enabling your addiction to rich and delicious foods, we just can’t imagine a more enjoyable way to spend a spring day in our favorite town! And if you want a sneak peek at what you can expect to find, the online auction starts on April 17th, and we can guarantee you will want to get in on the fun!

Annual Downtown Sarasota Craft Festival, May 7 & May 8

The joy of spending a carefree day exploring the wares offered at a craft show is increased exponentially when exploring the ones offered by your vacation destination, and Sarasota’s annual craft festival may just provide a premiere experience that will never be able to be topped! You’ll be thankful that you were able to pack light (our RentTheKeys Sarasota sanctuaries provide laundry rooms so you can wash clothes as many times as you need) as you wander the aisles, exploring beautiful art, jewelry, pottery, and a huge selection of hand-crafted items, finding many pieces you won’t be able to live without!

5th Annual Sarasota International Dragon Boat Festival, May 20th, Nathan Benderson Park

Thousands of years ago in China, Dragon Boat Festivals were a time to gather, play, and show reverence to the River Dragon as well as the statesman and poet Qu Yuan. Today, it is an opportunity to enjoy the colorful boat races and devour an international selection of delicious foods and if your spring escape to Sarasota takes place over May 20th, we invite you to check out the excitement yourself! Food trucks and a beer garden will ensure that your every dining need is met and the scene on the water offers a type of poetry in motion that you will never forget!

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However you choose to enjoy the beautiful spring days of your exciting getaway to Sarasota, coming home each night to the comfort, warmth, and welcoming found in our RentTheKeys Sarasota sanctuaries promises to bring you the most cherished memories of all. Reserve your favorite today and discover how the tranquility of the sea and the beauty of our homes will make this vacation one you will never want to end! Contact us today!

When you need an escape, the year-round sun and warmth of Florida are the perfect destination for you no matter what time of year. The decision to head to Florida may be simple but planning all the details – from where to go and the fun activities you’ll enjoy as well as where to say seem never-ending. Cross off one of those daunting tasks when you choose a relaxing island getaway to Siesta Key.

Beautiful Crystal Sands #2 is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with room for up to six guests. From the moment you step inside, you’ll feel an immediate lift of mood and release of all of your cares and worries as they’re replaced with island calm. You’re just steps from the waters and beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, so you’ll have an island vacation you’ll never forget.


Guests looking for a fun and relaxing island getaway in Siesta Key will find everything they’ve dreamed of and more at Crystal Sands #2. You’ll have a home with a backyard featuring calm waters that lead to the crashing waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Stylish furnishings and finishes can be found at every turn, throughout living spaces and bedrooms. You’re also just moments away from all the fun activities and attractions of the island getaway you came to experience. Make sure to spend time at the nearby shops and entertainment venues, and countless other ways to keep you busy during your stay.

Exterior Features

The light neutral colors of the single-family home blend into the island surroundings. Maturing vegetation including palm trees greets you as you drive up the short brick driveway surrounding the building to add color and warmth. Another short brick path leads to the semi-covered entry of the home surrounded by windows. There’s no need for a large yard, with Siesta Key Beach and the crashing waves of the Gulf just steps away. You can also take advantage of the community pool.

Interior Amenities

Step into the home and island calm. Tile floors host beach décor in the open living, kitchen, and dining spaces. Gather in the living space on the comfortable couch and chairs to enjoy time together or watch a movie or TV show on the wall-mounted flat-screen TV. The unique glass-topped coffee table features a driftwood-style base for even more of a beach feel. A small, separate Florida room boasts more sitting space with a cozy couch and an enclosed planet-style chair with comfortable pillows where you can curl up and read. Make a delicious home-cooked meal in the fully equipped kitchen. Stainless steel appliances and ample counter space join a myriad of cupboards and drawers so you have everything you need to prepare and serve a meal from the cozy space. The nearby dining area boasts a large rectangular wood table that seats everyone to enjoy a meal together.

Choose a private bedroom and curl up for a good night’s sleep! The bedrooms carry on the beach décor as well. The master suite boasts a wood king bedroom set featuring two dressers on carpeted floors. A closet runs the full length of one wall, providing plenty of storage. A cozy chair in the corner is perfect for reading or watching something on the wall-mounted flat-screen TV. The en suite bathroom boasts a frameless glass shower stall, bidet/toilet combo, and expansive single-sink vanity. The second bedroom features a queen bedroom set with a one-night table and dresser on the carpeted floor. There is a cozy chair for reading or daydreaming out the window. The final sleeping space is in the living room where you’ll find a full-size pull-out sofa. The second bathroom features a tub/shower combo with single-sink vanity. When you stay at Crystal Sands #2, there’s a place for everyone to enjoy a Siesta Key vacation!

Sleeping Accommodations, Sleeps 6


1-Car Garage
Driveway Spaces

Things to Know:

Clean and Safe for Your Stay:

Rent Siesta Key is proud to provide guests with clean and safe accommodations for the duration of their stay. All bedroom and bathroom linens, as well as high-touch surfaces in each unit, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guest occupancies so you can be sure everything is clean, fresh, and safe for your stay.

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No matter when or how long you plan to stay in Siesta Key, Crystal Sands #2 will give you all the excitement, fun, relaxation, and island fun you’re hoping for, and much more.

Contact us today to book a memorable stay that will have you coming back for years to come!

The warmer climates of Florida and its many beaches are great places to get away any time of year. When fall cools temperatures in many other parts of the country, Florida’s welcoming warmer temperatures have tourists flocking to the area for a fall break. Add some sand and sun and you’ll be marking days off the calendar to your arrival. Make your fall getaway extra special this year by adding some spooky Sarasota Halloween fun to the agenda. There are plenty of family-friendly as well as scares for teens and adults only. 

Fright Night on St. Armand’s 

If you want to be at the main attraction on Anna Maria Island this Halloween, head to St. Armand’s Circle on October 31 at 6 p.m. The young and young at heart are invited to an evening of fun and fright during this 14th annual event. Storefronts will be decked out in their Halloween best, and you’ll want to watch out for spooky monsters and spirits on every corner. Bring the kids in their costumes for a fun evening of trick-or-treating throughout the Circle. 

Trail of Treats 

Anna Maria Island is the place to be this Halloween. Kids, aged 0-12 can show up in their costumes and trick-or-treat safely on the Trail of Treats. There is a costume contest at the Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce and of course, trick-or-treating. 

Bradenton Beach Ghost Tours 

While not specifically a Halloween attraction, the Bradenton Beach Ghost Tours celebrate the island’s spooky past, including shipwrecks and ghost stories based on eyewitness accounts. The 90-minute tour starts at 8 p.m. on Bridge Street Tuesdays-Saturdays. Advanced tickets are required at a cost of $10-15. 

Boo! At the Bay 

The after-dark, “not-so-scary” evening boasts trick-or-treating, pumpkin picking, yard games, food trucks, prizes, and more! Wear your spooky – or not-so-spooky – costumes. The free event takes place at the Bay Park – Civic Green at 655 North Tamiami Trail in Sarasota and is part of the “10 Days at the Bay” series running October 14-23. Boo! At the Bay takes place on October 21. Special activities include a sensory-friendly experience from 5-6 p.m., the “Spooky Moonlight in the Mangroves Tour” from 6:30-8 p.m., and Family Movie Night (“Hocus Pocus”) from 7:30-9:30 p.m. All special events require advanced registration, available through their website, 10daysatthebay.org. 

Haunted Houses 

There are several haunted houses throughout Sarasota and the surrounding area. Many have special days and times that are family- and kid-friendly, while some are full of fright that is only appropriate for adults and older teens. Ask the staff about appropriate ages before entering. 

Fruitville Grove Pumpkin Festival 

This year’s 34th annual festival runs weekends throughout the month of October and ends on October 30. Where suitable costumes and come for food trucks, live music, the Kids Fun Zone, pony rides, or attend the craft show. You can hold a skunk, walk the Wildflower Maze, go to the petting zoo or have an Enchanted Unicorn Encounter. Take a horse-drawn carriage ride and enjoy the many other activities available. There’s a free children’s costume contest every Saturday at 2 p.m. See the Torres Family Circus and the Globe of Death with Extreme Riders for free on weekends at 11:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. The fun ends with a bang on October 30 with trick or treat at the festival vendor booths from 12-5 p.m. Most events are free, but some range from $1-10 for supplies. Parking is $5. The farm market and pumpkin patch are open during the week 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Sundays for shopping fall décor, fresh produce – including the pumpkin for your Jack-O-Lantern – and fall photos at the pumpkin patch. 

Big Cat Habitat 

The annual festival is a family-friendly Halloween event! The Big Cat Habitat hosts Wild-O-Ween, a festival filled with pumpkin painting, pumpkin bowling, mummy wrapping, costume contests, pony rides, prizes, face painting, and more! There will also be trick-or-treating stations throughout the park so the kids can take home some sweet treats. The event runs October 29 & 30 from 12-4 p.m. Stop by the show arena for presentations like a live bird show or animal demonstration, the mummy wrapping, and a costume contest. Wild-O-Ween is part of regular admission prices. 

Halloween in the Florida Keys for Sarasota Halloween fun

Make your next Florida getaway full of water, sand, sun, and fright when you visit this Halloween. While you’re scheduling all the fun activities and attractions you’ll visit, don’t forget to book a vacation rental with Rent the Keys. Choose a one-bedroom unit for your small family or a frightful sweetheart getaway, all the way up to a six-bedroom for a Halloween haunt for your larger family or group. Cook up a favorite Halloween treat or meal in the fully equipped kitchen. Gather together in the open living area and tell ghost stories or watch a scary movie. Enjoy private outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or balconies. Close your eyes and take a nap or get a good night’s sleep before more spooky fun in a private bedroom. Choose a premium unit for upgrades like stainless steel appliances, wood floors, and more. 

Contact us today to book your Sarasota getaway this Halloween!