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TreeUmph Adventure Course

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No matter what your interests were as a child, we can pretty much guarantee that climbing trees fit in there somewhere. The daredevils climbing as close to the top as possible, wobbling on limbs that progressively got thinner—and often falling to the ground with a whoosh of all the air leaving our lungs and then never telling our moms after! The readers took their cue from the tomboy Jo March, settling into the V at the trunk with a good book and an apple to munch on. And everyone in between found solace in some shape or form from trees, daydreaming, hiding behind, or simply sitting under the canopy of its leaves in the hottest days of summer. As an adult, we lose that closeness to the trees, but during your fabulous Florida getaway and stay in our RentTheKeys escapes, you can reignite your passion for trees with a visit to the TreeUmph Adventure Course!

TreeUmph is Located at 21805 State Road 70 E in Bradenton

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, TreeUmph is designed for tree huggers of all ages, offering an exciting array of adventures, all celebrating the beauty of Mother Nature with a focus on trees, of course! Ziplines let visitors soar through the treetops, enjoying forest vistas and cool breezes that whisper through the leaves, while thick branch “trapezes” provide an obstacle course through the sky. (Hooked to a secure line for your safety) Climb a rope net, cross a hanging bridge of sporadically placed logs, climb as high as you can on a rock wall, and cross from point to point, walking across the thick trucks of trees, exploring all the magic of a forest, combined with the thrill of pushing your limits! TreeUmph Adventure Course offers two types of ticket, the Adventure Course, with varying levels of difficulty and the requirement that you must be able to reach up to at least 5 feet 9 inches with one hand and the children’s Ape Up course, designed for children 5 to 8 years of age. Children’s Ape Up tickets are $25 per kid and Adventure Course tickets are $60 per person, and there are usually discounts or deals available on their website!

Come Out of the Trees

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