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The Turtle Hospital

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As you make your way down the Florida Keys exploring the wonders that await you, a visit to Marathon, located just 45 miles outside of Key West, should be added to your vacation itinerary. Home to the world famous Turtle Hospital, this worthy institution lives out everyday fulfilling its mission to rehabilitate, research, and release sea turtles that are on their way to becoming an extinct species. Also offering a permanent home to those who due to injury or disability can’t be released back into the wild, spending a few hours at the Turtle Hospital will impress and delight everyone who walks in the door, and if you walk out with a new appreciation of the gentle sea turtle, we at RentTheKeys will be impressed and delighted as well!

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Located at 2396 Overseas Highway in Marathon, Open 7 Days a Week from 9 AM until 5 PM

Educational programs are offered at various times throughout the day, but don’t worry that your children will turn their noses up at learning because they won’t realize that they are being educated as they are being entertained! Take a tour of the facilities, get an up close and personal glimpse of the turtle residents, and at the end, parties can feed the permanent residents. (The ones being released should not have extended contact with humans, as it can endanger their continued existence.) Learn the reasons sea turtles are endangered and learn even more about the ways you can do your part to help save them, including ensuring you practice responsible boating, dispose of fishing lines properly, and by adopting one of the sea turtles! The latter does not mean you get to take one home, it just means that your $35 a year will help feed and medicate the turtle you “adopted,” and your family will receive turtle themed gifts, a biography of your special friend, and yearly updates! Every turtle has its own personality, and getting to know yours will enrich your life. In addition to the tours, there are scheduled release dates that are open to the public, so make plans to visit if your vacation coincides with the big day!

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Reservations Are Recommended at the Turtle Hospital

The tours last about 70 to 90 minutes and are very popular, so reservations are recommended if you want to be sure that you get the opportunity to participate. Reservations can be made on the Turtle Hospital in the Keys’ website or you can call (305) 743-2552 for more information.