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Seven Mile Bridge

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There are two types of people in the world: those who suffer from gephyrophobia (fear of driving over bridges) and those who will think a drive over the Seven Mile Bridge is just about the coolest activity possible! If you fall into the latter category, your drive along the Overseas Highway will be a life dream come true, especially when you get to the part where you are able to drive over the bridge. Offering bird’s eye views of the sea that surrounds the bridge, it can be the best part of your absolutely wonderful Florida Keys vacation, second only to your stay in one of our RentTheKeys havens of comfort and luxury!

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The Seven Mile Bridge is a Tad Boastful

Although definitely impressive, the Seven Mile Bridge is a tad boastful in its claims of being 7 miles long! Falling just short of the number, we think you will forgive the minor transgression when you begin your journey across its nearly 7 miles in length. Another fun fact that you may not have known is that there are actually two Seven Mile Bridges, each running parallel to each other and providing distinctly different uses! The Old Seven Mile Bridge, Florida was originally a part of the railroad designed by Henry Flagler in the 20s, built to open up the Keys to travelers in other ways than by plane or boat. In the 30s, this second bridge was converted to automobile traffic. Today, it is mostly closed off to vehicles; it is in the process of going through still another transformation, that of becoming a part of the Overseas Heritage Trail. Allowing pedestrians and bicyclists the opportunity to explore this section of the Keys, we are all beyond excited waiting for the trail to be completed, especially as the current bike trail is narrow and slightly dangerous, and there is no way to walk over the 7-mile bridge safely! The true Seven Mile Bridge, however, remains open, leading travelers into the tropical wonderland of the various keys along its path.

Come on Back to RentTheKeys

Even as you complete your journey of the Overseas Highway and its Seven Mile Bridge, along with the 41 other bridges that take up space on the route, coming back home to our stunning and comfortable RentTheKeys vacation escapes promises to be the highlight of your extraordinary Florida getaway. Reserve your favorite property today!