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Busch Gardens

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There is one particular city in Florida (and we all know the one!) that is known as the Theme Park Capital of the World, but did you know that the entire state provides an entire selection of amusement parks that don’t have anything at all to do with a happy mouse? We have theme parks celebrating gators, celebrating the movies, and one of our favorite parks, located not far from many of our most comfortable RentTheKeys vacation sanctuaries, Busch Gardens, has been a family tradition since the late 1950s. Today we want to take you on a tour of the park, showing off the options you have for fun and excitement during your Florida trip of a lifetime.

Located at 10165 McKinley Drive in Tampa

Opened in 1959 and offering a fun-filled peek into the worlds of Africa and Asia, this animal-themed amusement park is open every day of the year, including the holidays. Featuring thrilling rides, including the newly opened Serengeti Flyer, the worlds tallest and fastest ride of its kind, your kids will want to come back for more than just one day. During the holiday season, its Christmas town brings the magic of Christmas to everyone who attends and includes visits with Santa, ice shows that sparkle and shine, and a firework display that caps off the celebration with colorful perfection. Explore the habitats of the exotic animals that make their home in Busch Gardens Florida, take part in up close and personal encounters and insider experiences, or get REALLY close to all the animals—there are about 2700 different animals making their home at the park—by signing up for a Keeper of the Day Tour. Kid-friendly activities include children oriented shows, tours, and rides designed to thrill your tiniest travelers and proving once again that it is possible to experience a family vacation that can actually be enjoyed by the entire family!

Of Course, There Is More at Busch Gardens

What is it about theme parks (and carnivals and fairs, for that matter) that has the food served there tasting so good? At Busch Gardens Florida, the options are endless and even include a taproom, because everyone knows a cold beer on a hot day is just about the best taste ever. Dine your way through the park, not having to worry about extra calories, because with 335 acres to cover, you will more than get your steps in! And don’t forget about the shops that will take visitors all over Africa and Asia, providing more than just souvenirs as they offer a peek into those strange and exotic worlds.

Busch Gardens has everything a family needs for a vacation that will outshine all others, and that includes close proximity to our RentTheKeys comfortable family sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite today!