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Bayfront Park in Sarasota

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Everyone loves a walk in the park, and during your Sarasota journey, a visit to Bayfront Park may end up being the highlight of your stay! Seated on the stunning Sarasota Bay and offering some of the most stunning views in town, its list of amenities make it popular for small families, large groups of friends, and just about every demographic you can imagine. Our RentTheKeys homes located close to the park ensure that you can spend as much time there as you please without having to be concerned with traffic delays and long commute times, and its peaceful ambience will offer the perfect way to start or finish every day. This guide to Bayfront Park and all the wonders it provides should definitely encourage you to add it to your vacation itinerary!

Bayfront Park is Located at 5 Bayfront Drive on Sarasota Bay

Some parks offer nothing more than a few picnic pavilions, a few more trees, and paths for walks with pets and lovers, but Sarasota Bayfront Park is not one of those parks. Providing a walkway that takes visitors alongside the bay and benches that are ideal for sitting and watching the sun set over the water, within your first few steps inside the park’s entrance, you will instantly feel a difference. Yes, there are picnic areas inviting you to bring a meal and stay a little longer, and the trees that shade the walkway are beautiful to look at it, but it is the bronze dolphins frolicking in the fountain, the views of St. Armand’s Circle, (soon to be one of your newest shopping obsessions) and the sculptures that line the walkways that you will remember fondly for years to come.

A children’s play area and fountain is scheduled to be reopening soon, offering even more fun for the tiniest travelers in your group and the opportunity to spend a day kayaking or canoeing in the bay will help create lasting memories. For those who just like to walk, be sure to check out the new eco-friendly bioswale, a sort of retention basin that also helps provide food for butterflies, birds, and bees and if you have chosen to reside in our Rent the Keys pet friendly sanctuaries, you will be pleased to know that Sarasota Bayfront Park is also pet friendly, as long as you leave your dog on its leash.