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Mallory Square

Your Key West adventures are guaranteed to be the most comfortable ones when you choose any of our RentTheKeys sanctuaries for your home away from home, but as much as we want you to be comfortable, we don’t want you to be so comfortable that you miss out on Key West adventures, including a visit to Mallory Square! Home to charming shops, art galleries, and restaurants, the air-conditioned space is also where Key West’s famous Sunset Celebration takes place.

Florida Sunsets That Wow at Mallory Square

A Florida sunset never fails to wow all those who witness it, and many of our towns offer special celebrations in honor of its stunning beauty, include the famous Sunset Celebration in Key West, from which the iconic phrase, “See you at Sunset!” got its start! As the sky goes through a kaleidoscope of fiery colors over Mallory Square, musicians perform, jugglers juggle, and magicians fascinate visitors from all over the world as they perform their best tricks. There are no strangers at Mallory Square during this one-of-a-kind celebration, and as you participate in the festivities, you will know there is nowhere else on earth you want to be! And although every sunset is spectacular in Florida, the ones in Key West have been celebrated for centuries, acknowledged by historic figures such as John Audubon, Mark Twain, and Tennessee Williams.

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Obsession Worthy

The shops at Mallory Square, Florida are destined to become your newest obsession, offering impactful peeks into the works of talented artists at Ocean Blues Studio, craft pieces that will make perfect gifts for friends and family back home from Bella Laine, and even ice that doesn’t melt picked from the display cases of Blue Hibiscus. (Of course we are talking about jewelry!) Start your day with a cup of coffee and an egg sandwich at Cuban Coffee Queen or take a break in the middle of a warm summer’s day with a custard treat from Whit’s Frozen Custard. Pick up a prize for your favorite fur child at the Blue Cat and purchase something from an authentic shipwreck at Nature’s Treasures. The shops of Mallory Square, Florida will surprise you with the variety of goods they offer for sale!

The Memories You Will Make

Mallory Square offers the quintessential Key West experience, one that will be enhanced by your stay in our RentTheKeys vacation escapes. Reserve your favorite today and make memories you will cherish forever!