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Calusa Brewing

On a hot summer day, on a cool winter evening, or even on a rainy day in fall or spring, nothing makes the moments of your Florida vacation more enjoyable than a cool and delicious craft beer. Beer goes with everything, and after being overlooked in the alcohol world, it has finally come into its own. Brewing companies have introduced us to the flavors that will become our newest obsession, and Sarasota’s Calusa Brewing is destined to become your newest obsession during your Florida getaway and your stay in our RentTheKeys Sarasota sanctuaries!

Calusa Brewing is Located at 5701 Derek Avenue in Sarasota

Named after the Calusa people, the Native Americans who truly were the original inhabitants of this beautiful area of the world dating back before Florida was first “discovered” in the 1500s, the brewery reflects their independence, their fierceness, and their respect for land and sea. The owners of Calusa Brewing aren’t native to the area, but they have made Sarasota their home, and their business has added a vital element of fun and good taste to the area. Offering a large variety of beers brewed right here on the premises, their taproom allows guests to sit, sip, and savor the tasty brews that are being created right in front of their eyes. A floor-to-ceiling window peeks out over the operational side of things, piquing the interest of serious brew enthusiasts from all over the world.

And because beer goes best with a good meal or a hearty snack, Calusa offers a rotating crew of food trucks that are destined to enhance your sipping experiences! From burgers to tacos and BBQ to Creole food, the international selection of meals promises to give visitors an experience that will make the highlight reel of their memories of the best Florida vacation ever! Special weekly events can be found on their website and include Sunday brunch themed beer cocktails that will help travelers begin the new week on a high note. Closed on Mondays, Calusa Brewing is open varying hours Tuesday through Sunday.

Plan Your Visit

Calusa Brewing Sarasota also provides growler refills, so why not grab a few growlers and take the party home to your RentTheKeys vacation escape? Beers taste especially good when sampled as the sun sets, and our hideaways offer patios, balconies, and decks filled with comfortable seating options while providing the best views of Mother Nature’s finest show. Reserve your favorite escape today!