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Big Top Brewing Company

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Our sudsy tour of Sarasota continues with a visit to the Big Top Brewing Company, an establishment that helps keep our circus background in the forefront! Beer has finally come into its own after centuries of being treated as a second-class beverage, and the plethora of breweries in our city on the bay (as well as all over the nation) is all the proof you need. And even as you take part in beachy adventures and sunset moments, adding this brewery to your vacation itinerary will ensure that your Sarasota getaway spent in our RentTheKeys escapes will be one you never forget!

Located at 975 Cattlemen Road in Sarasota

Joy comes in many forms, and sipping beer on a hot summer’s night may be one of its purest forms, something that Big Top Brewery recognized before anyone else seemed to in Sarasota! This exciting brewery was the first of its kind, offering tables with views of the brewing process and sips to savor as live music plays under a setting sun and late into the night. Sarasota may be known as a circus town at heart, but businesses such as Big Top Brewing are fast helping it build a reputation as a beer town as well! Offering flavors that disappear with the season, limited release beers that may never return, the 23 beers on tap are ever revolving and always delicious.

And because food matters when you are sipping on suds, food provided by Origin Craft Beer & Pizza Café will help keep you steady. Every second Saturday of the month they sponsor a Food Truck Rally, increasing your options of enjoying really fantastic food, and their Big Top Concert Series will make it difficult to sit in your seats without doing a little dance! Sing along, drink up, and celebrate the circus, suds, and sunsets at Sarasota’s first brewery. Oh, and check out their Between 2 Ferns segments on their website, where they interview local celebrities to determine what beer means to them.

Dreams Do Come True at the Big Top Brewing Company

The beer drinkers of the world have finally realized their dream where, in many cases, beer outranks wine, and the travelers of the world have realized that vacation dreams come true when they come home to RentTheKeys during their Sarasota journeys. Reserve your favorite Sarasota sanctuary today and wish that you never had to go home again!