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Point of Rocks

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The drama of a rocky beach is often the focal point of movies and television shows, and though we may not know of any movies filmed here, Point of Rocks Beach offers that rugged appeal. Walk down wooden steps built over those rocks and step into a postcard perfect picture of serenity and tranquility. Most Florida beaches are merely vast expanses of white sand and turquoise waters, so the rocky backdrop makes this exception something special; photos of families posed in front of Point of Rocks are popular on Christmas cards and are more often than not worthy of frames!

Point of Rocks is Located on Siesta Beach

There are plenty of quiet and not so quiet beaches found along the idyllic miles of the Sunshine State, and many of the best beaches are located right here on Siesta Key, including this unique stretch of acreage. As we stated earlier, unlike California where rocky beaches are common, this anomaly makes us love our state even more and is a popular diving, snorkeling, and fishing spot, offering calm waters filled with colorful sea life. The rocks that kiss the sea have been forming for over 4300 years and are composed of a mixture of quartz sand, limestone, and molluscan grindstone—the shells of mollusks combined with stone. Off the beaten path of the more popular Siesta Beach, it is just a short walk from the busier sections, and once you step around the sea wall and walk down the wooden steps, you may feel as if you have stepped into another world! The rocky sand does not leave much room for towels or beach chairs, but if you arrive at Point of Rocks Beach at low tide, it will reveal a world of tidal pools filled with miniscule members of the sea world community, giving parents the opportunity to teach their youngsters an important and fascinating science lesson!

Life’s a Beach

We have spent a lot of time talking about the beaches on the Keys and the lifestyle they offer, but until you wake up to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach, spend your evenings applauding sunsets, and sipping Rum Runners at a dive bar with breathtaking waterfront views, you won’t truly understand what you have been missing all of your life! Reserve your Florida Keys vacation sanctuary today and discover a world that will wash the troubles you have been carrying around right out of your mind! Or learn about our management services by clicking here!