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Traveling with Disabilities to the Florida Keys

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Getting around isn’t easy for everyone but just because you may be differently abled, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a vacation to the Florida Keys. Many activities are wheelchair accessible, including time spent at the beach, and we at RentTheKeys are providing this simple guide to traveling with disabilities in the Keys.

The Beach Is Waiting

Believe it or not, beach wheelchairs are a thing, and many of the beaches in the Keys will offer a place where you can rent a wheelchair that will be able to maneuver through the sands, such as Ride & Paddle on Siesta Key. The difference is immediately apparent, as the wheels of a beach wheelchair are far larger than the normal chair, ensuring that the occupant won’t get stuck and will get to enjoy a day of frolicking in the surf like everyone else in their traveling party!

The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature

Located in Bradenton Florida at 201 10th Street West, the Bishop Museum of Science and Nature is a perfect establishment to explore on an excessively hot or rainy day in the Keys, especially as it is wheelchair accessible. A local tradition since the 1940s, (under its former name of the South Florida Museum) if you have ever had any questions about the world under the sea, the knowledgeable and personable workers at the museum are where you should go first!

Take a Hike

Hiking can often be difficult for those with mobility issues, but a gentle stroll around Marie Selby Botanical Gardens’ paved trails opens up the world of flowers to everyone. Located at 1534 Mound Street, the grounds surround a beautiful plantation style home and offer a peek into the tropical plants of Florida.

All Along the Keys

Many of the businesses and tour sites along the keys will be wheelchair accessible, including the Key West Express which takes travelers from Fort Myers to Key West daily. And because we think everyone should enjoy the comforts and luxuries of our RentTheKeys vacation sanctuaries, many of our single-story accommodations are accessible as well. Reserve your favorite escape today!