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Top Reasons to Visit the Florida Keys

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If you’re not completely convinced that a trip to the Florida Keys is worth the journey, that’s ok, we at RentTheKeys have created this list of the top reasons it is! Offering an adventure that just can’t be duplicated, a keys vacation is destined to be the one you never get over, and here are a few reasons as to visit the Florida Keys.

The Sunsets

It’s not a rumor. The sunsets of Florida are amongst the most breathtaking in the world and the ones on the Keys are worth celebrating. Drum circles on Siesta Key take place every Sunday, starting with drums and dancing and ending with rounds of applause for the most magnificent show in town. In Key West, the Sunset Celebration at Mallery Square is celebrated every night of the week except Sundays and has been the talk of the key for decades. Every key offers the perfect place to see the perfect sunset and if you don’t experience it, can you really say you have lived?

The Food

As you can imagine, the seafood of Florida is the sweetest and freshest in the world, and everywhere you go you can experience something new and tastier. Conch fritters in Key West, grouper on Longboat Key, stone crab in the fall months, and Key Lime Pie every day of the year these are the foods that will change your lives and convince you that a Florida Keys vacation should be on your bucket list.

Visit the Florida Keys to See the Beaches

You had to know that the beaches of the Keys aren’t something to be missed, but until you are sitting on a comfortable beach chair with your toes buried in the sand and the turquoise waters are roaring in front of you, you won’t completely understand! The white sands of Siesta Key, created from Appalachian quartz crystals that have eroded over the centuries, and the crystal-clear waters are destined to elevate your Florida getaway to the next level of wonderful.

The Vibe

Casual, laidback, and relaxing the vibe of the Keys is just what hardworking travelers need to recuperate from real life, and when you slip into the Florida “uniform” (tee shirts, shorts, and flip flops) you will feel your troubles drop from your shoulders and the relaxation will begin! You deserve this break, and although any vacation can be relaxing, a vacation in the Florida Keys in the comfort of our RentTheKeys sanctuaries will bring peace to your soul. Reserve your favorite today!