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Things You Might Not Know About the Florida Keys

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Knowledge is power, and we at RentTheKeys have prepared this guide to the things you may not know about the Florida Keys, making sure your upcoming journey is a powerful one. Even those who think they know it all may be surprised at the things we have learned and are sharing with our guests, so enjoy!

Sunken Ships Create Artificial Reefs

We talked a little about the history of shipwrecks, but did you know that since 1981 there have been more than 23 artificial reefs created by the purposeful sinking of ships? It doesn’t take long for nature to take over, and the reefs become home to a variety of sea creatures, while creating stunning spots to scuba dive around or snorkel over!

Key West Is Closer to Cuba Than Miami

Key West is just 90+ miles away from Cuba while Miami is over 150 miles away and when you visit this most popular Key, photo opps at the colorful Southernmost Buoy are plentiful! Marking the distance from Cuba, many people feel they can’t prove they have been without a pic at the spot. Additionally, our proximity to Cuba also explains why Cuban restaurants are so popular!

The Remains of the Overseas Railroad

Henry Flagler is known for opening up the keys to the world with his Overseas Railroad, completed in the 1930s. Hurricanes and age have made it not useful anymore, but some of it has become the Overseas Highway and about 23 of the railroad bridges have become a part of the Florida Keys Heritage Trail, which consists of over 90 miles of paved trails meant for biking and hiking. Eventually there will be 106 miles of Heritage Trail!

Buried Treasure?

Historical shipwrecks are suspected to contain treasures that treasure hunters today are still seeking and although it isn’t a ship wreck, Point of Rocks on Siesta Key is rumored to have been a hiding spot for pirates seeking to conceal their unlawful gains! The waters around Siesta Key contain many shipwrecks, including the one in which over 150 barrels were tragically lost at sea due to a collision between two rum running boats. (We still cry over that one!)

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