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Getting to the Florida Keys

Your Florida journey starts with another type of journey, that of the commute from your home to our RentTheKeys home sweet vacation homes, and you may wonder about the best way to do just that. Every traveler has their own favorite method of traveling, and this guide to all the ways get to the Florida Keys will help you discover if yours is a viable one.

Get to the Florida Keys by Flying the Friendly Skies

As you might expect, flying is the most popular way to get to Florida and there are over 20 airports located throughout the state, including Sarasota Bradenton (near many of our more popular escapes) and Key West International.

The Road Trip to End All Road Trips

The state of Florida stretches out over 447 miles in length so unless your journey ends along 30A, be prepared for a long drive! It will be however, one of the most beautiful drives you will ever take in your life, especially if you drive all the way across the Overseas Highway to our southernmost Keys. Plan on stopping a LOT, for the scenic views, great restaurants, and maybe to take family pictures that will be gracing the front of your annual Christmas cards.

On the Right Tack

Although you may not be able to take a boat all the way from your Ohio hometown, many destinations may be reached by way of boat, offering a fantastic way to begin your Florida escape to the Keys. Our guests who may be staying in our Siesta Keys properties may want to venture further out, maybe all the way to Key West and the Key West Express leaves from Fort Myers on a daily basis!

On the Right Track

Although there aren’t a lot of Amtrak stations in Florida, there is one that takes you right to Tampa, just an hour outside of Sarasota. A train ride is the perfect way to start out a romantic Florida getaway, giving travelers plenty of time to enjoy each company as they ride the rails towards our RentTheKeys love nests, ready to start an adventure that will never be forgotten.

All Roads Lead to RentTheKeys

No matter how you get here, the important thing is you head straight for RentTheKeys upon your arrival. Reserve your favorite today!