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All About the Florida Keys

Vacations in the Keys offer one of life’s simpler pleasures and although you may have been dreaming about this type of vacation all your life, chances are there are things you don’t know about the Keys that will make your getaway shine even brighter. We at RentTheKeys are proud of our home state, of the paradise we live in and want our guests to have the entire picture of what to expect from their Florida journeys, and we start by telling you a little bit about all that makes the Florida Keys special!

What Is a Key?

Surprisingly, most people do not know why we call these islands keys—and that includes many residents of the state! Basically, the word key harkens back to the days of the Spanish explorers, with key being an interpretation of the Spanish word, cayo. Cayo means small island, and that’s all the keys are, a series of stunningly beautiful small islands!

More Than You Know

Although you have probably heard of the “big” keys—Key West, Key Largo, Siesta Key, Longboat Key, etcetera—you may not realize that there are actually 800 keys (some sources say 882) stretching out over 120 miles of our state! No matter which number you take as fact, however, only about 30 of the keys are inhabited; the rest are wild, unspoiled, and serene. Exploring these keys can enhance your Florida escape, especially now that the Overseas Highway makes it easier to reach most.

White Sand Beaches

Travelers are often stunned by the white sand beaches found in the Keys and even though they may not know why they are so different, their beauty never ceases to amaze. The white sand beaches of Siesta Key are especially unique, as they are the product of erosion over thousands of years from pure Appalachian quartz! The difference can be seen and felt and as you bury your toes into its richness, you will never want to leave. Interestingly, a large selection of the sands of Key West beaches has been imported from the Caribbean, another place that is known for its stunning beaches.

About the Florida Keys’ Sea Turtles

While the Galapagos are known for their population of sea turtles and tortoises, the Florida Keys are known for having the most sea turtle nests in the nation. (All of Florida, actually!) Sea turtles are rapidly becoming endangered, and we are doing our part to conserve and protect. Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota is a great place to visit and learn more.