As we turn the corner into spring, we often find ourselves wanting to travel. Maybe it’s the Spring Breaks of our college days or maybe we just want to celebrate the upcoming warmer days, but for whatever reason, spring travel runs a close second behind summer vacations, and many travelers find themselves heading south for a Florida vacation. And because spring in Sarasota is one of the most beautiful times of the year, you too may be considering a getaway to our city on the Gulf and a stay in our Sarasota spring sanctuaries at RentTheKeys! This guide to some of our favorite 2023 upcoming spring events in Sarasota will give you a little something to look forward to in the cold and gloomy days leading up to your sunshine filled getaway in Sarasota!

Sarasota County Fair, March 17-26, 3000 Ringling Boulevard

There’s just something heartwarming about a county fair, inviting guests to forget they are grown as they eat carnival food, ride the rides that make them queasy, and try to win their sweethearts a stuffy from the midway games! There is no more beautiful feeling than walking around a fairgrounds on a sunny Sarasota day, checking out the prize hogs, examining the talented artwork, and devouring an elephant ear topped with all the powdered sugar or honey that you can handle and knowing that back home, your brother is shoveling acres of snow from his driveway and sidewalks, because Mother Nature in Ohio hasn’t got the memo that spring has arrived!

Suncoast Boat Show, April 20 Through April 22, Marina Jack

In Sarasota, our boats are more important than the cars we drive and when you get a taste of the boating life, you may find yourself as obsessed by it as we are! The Suncoast Boat Show will feed your obsession, offering a stunning display of new and pre-owned yachts for sale, and although you may not be in the market for a yacht, it still offers an exciting way to see all the possibilities and incite luxurious daydreams that may someday be realized! For those who may actively be in the market for a yacht, you can set up an appointment to talk with the show’s salespersons by clicking on this link here. Tickets can be purchased online as well.

Forks and Corks Food and Wine Festival, April 22 and April 23, The Ringling Courtyard

Anytime you travel somewhere new you always want to enjoy a taste of the town and this incredibly delicious festival allows you to sample some of the best restaurants all at the same time! Located at 5401 Bayshore Road and offering Master Classes on April 23 while enabling your addiction to rich and delicious foods, we just can’t imagine a more enjoyable way to spend a spring day in our favorite town! And if you want a sneak peek at what you can expect to find, the online auction starts on April 17th, and we can guarantee you will want to get in on the fun!

Annual Downtown Sarasota Craft Festival, May 7 & May 8

The joy of spending a carefree day exploring the wares offered at a craft show is increased exponentially when exploring the ones offered by your vacation destination, and Sarasota’s annual craft festival may just provide a premiere experience that will never be able to be topped! You’ll be thankful that you were able to pack light (our RentTheKeys Sarasota sanctuaries provide laundry rooms so you can wash clothes as many times as you need) as you wander the aisles, exploring beautiful art, jewelry, pottery, and a huge selection of hand-crafted items, finding many pieces you won’t be able to live without!

5th Annual Sarasota International Dragon Boat Festival, May 20th, Nathan Benderson Park

Thousands of years ago in China, Dragon Boat Festivals were a time to gather, play, and show reverence to the River Dragon as well as the statesman and poet Qu Yuan. Today, it is an opportunity to enjoy the colorful boat races and devour an international selection of delicious foods and if your spring escape to Sarasota takes place over May 20th, we invite you to check out the excitement yourself! Food trucks and a beer garden will ensure that your every dining need is met and the scene on the water offers a type of poetry in motion that you will never forget!

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However you choose to enjoy the beautiful spring days of your exciting getaway to Sarasota, coming home each night to the comfort, warmth, and welcoming found in our RentTheKeys Sarasota sanctuaries promises to bring you the most cherished memories of all. Reserve your favorite today and discover how the tranquility of the sea and the beauty of our homes will make this vacation one you will never want to end! Contact us today!