When Mother’s Day rolls around every May, we tend to pull out all the stops, anxious to make her understand how important she is, how much we love her, and how we would do everything for her happiness, but when the calendar page flips to June and it is time to show dad our feelings, everything changes. Maybe we feel dad would be embarrassed by an over the top show of emotion, or quite possibly we have grown used to his ability to stay in the background of our lives while still managing to take care of the things we just don’t have the ability to do ourselves—changing our flat tires, creating itineraries for our vacations, even fixing all the little things that go wrong in our homes. This year, however, we at RentTheKeys think you should do something a little different for your dad; we think you should go all out, planning a Father’s Day trip to Sarasota and a stay in our comfortable holiday hideaways, reminding him that yes, you do recognize everything he is and does!

Feeding Father

Oh, how our dads love to eat, and although mom might be more impressed with a gourmet meal from a fancy restaurant, we know that dad feels more comfortable and at home in a cheerful diner that serves regular food to regular folks. At home he may even have his own place that he visits on a daily basis, hanging out with other grizzled veterans at the counter, sipping coffee and devouring plates of eggs and meat, and although his friends won’t be at the counter of The Serving Spoon, the vibe, the people, the food, will make him feel right at home. Located at 1825 S Osprey Avenue and open everyday for breakfast and lunch, dad will definitely appreciate the long counter that runs down the center of the diner, the hearty portions of all-American breakfast and lunch dishes, and the most reasonable prices. And although we sincerely hope he allows you to pick up the tab, don’t be surprised if he slips away to “use the facilities” and slyly pays the bill instead; that is so dad, don’t you think?

Freedom to Fish

There is nothing he loves more than sitting out on a boat, dock, or in lawn chairs at pond’s edge, pole in hand, cooler filled with beers at his side, watching the sun rise over the day as the fish nip at his line, and because you chose Sarasota, a town surrounded by bodies of water of all types, you can give him the freedom to fish all he wants. Send him off to Phillippi Estate Park, 5500 S Tamiami Trail, for a morning of low-key line wetting at Phillippi Creek; let him explore where the Sarasota Bay meets up with the Gulf of Mexico at the Mote Marine Pier at 1700 Ken Thompson Parkway; or make his fishing dreams come true with a deep sea fishing charter. The captains that run the local fishing expeditions are all knowledgeable, professional, and fun, so even though we are recommending Outrigger Charter Fishing, almost any charter company will be a great substitute.

Good to Golf

Dad may have trouble choosing between a day of fishing and a day of golf, but if you extend your Father’s Day escape to Sarasota to at least a week in length, he can alternate on a daily basis, coming home each evening tanned, tired, and truly the happiest you have ever seen him on vacation. Village Green Golf Club, located at 3500 Pembroke Square, will be close enough to your Sarasota sanctuary that he will easily be able to make an early tee time without having to get up too early. Offering 18 holes of tropical beauty (and perhaps frustration!) this course is challenging without being intimidating and is ideal for golfers of all skill levels. It’s 19th Hole (if you know, you know) offers typical American golf grub, beer, wine, and a full bar, ensuring that at the end of the game, dad will find yet another happy place to while away some time.

At Home with Your Hero

If your dad loves Saturday barbecues, Sunday afternoon naps, and large televisions that provide pictures so clear it will feel as if he is sitting behind the backstop of his favorite baseball team’s home field, any of our RentTheKeys holiday havens will be his favorite, especially as he won’t need to mow the grass or fix any appliances! Our Sarasota sanctuaries are built to be your home away from home, and as dad relaxes, naps, and sips his new favorite beers, (honorable mention for dad fun goes to Big Top Brewing Company, 975 Cattlemen Road) he will finally reach the realization that he is your hero. Contact us and rserve your favorite escape today!