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Just like that, it is time for winter to be over and the Spring Break celebrations to begin, at least, here in Sarasota it is! We at RentTheKeys understand that in some of the colder states, winter has refused to release its grip, instead choosing to hang on tight and cover residents with snow, rain, even unforeseen ice storms, but in Sarasota, the sun is shining the temperatures are idyllic, and however you want to celebrate the break from real life, Spring Break adventures are waiting to happen. This guide to spending your Spring Break getaway in Sarasota while comfortably ensconced in our RentTheKeys holiday hideaways will help you enjoy a vacation you will never forget!

Hello, White Sands!

Whether you are a college student ready to party, a parent looking to spend some quality time with their tween, or a senior celebrating their golden years with an eternal Spring Break celebration, the white sand beaches of Sarasota are open for business. The temperatures will ease up into the mid to high 70s, the scent of salt air and suntan oil will permeate the air, and any stresses you may have been feeling up to this moment will dissipate in the sea breezes. Swim, surf, and seize the day as the rest of the world shovels out from under the latest snowstorm. For families traveling with small children, we can add a fourth s-word to the mix, sandcastles that will provide a fun way to kill a few hours at the beach.

Where the Margaritas Are

Could you consider it a successful Spring Break if your margaritas were subpar? You may still have fun but if you don’t need that negativity in your life, just follow our directions and every sip you take will be one that brings bliss! El Melvin Cocina Mexicana, 1355 Main Street, is known for more than its unique name; it is home to the Sarasota Sunset margarita made with orange agave nectar and passion fruit. Mi Pueblo El Restaurante Mexicano & Cantina University, 8405 Tuttle Avenue, is famed for its margaritas, offering 10 different choices that will bring your taste buds ecstasy. And finally, Circo, 1435 2nd Street, is a Tex Mex favorite featuring—you guessed it—some of the best margaritas in town.

Let’s Get This Party Started

Ok, you have enjoyed your beach time, have sipped on some wonderful margaritas, and now you are ready to party! Sarasota, while not typically considered a party town offers some premium nightspots that will appeal to partiers of all demographics, and we are providing a list of our favorites below, ensuring your night on the town may be one you don’t really remember—especially if you started out the celebration with a few of the margaritas we were just talking about!

Your RentTheKeys Spring Break Sanctuary

Not all Spring Breaks need to be about parties and excessive alcohol, and that’s where our RentTheKeys retreats will shine under the spotlight. Relax around pools, private or community, watching the kiddos practice holding their breath, enjoy a Wednesday morning barbecue, perhaps grilling your catch of the day, and savor the fire of a Florida sunset from the comfort of patio chairs placed exactly where the views are best. Our homes and condos bring relaxation, luxury, and comfort to all who reside within and when your week is up and you have to return to real life, if your golden tan doesn’t garner envy from your coworkers and friends, the glow of peace and happiness certainly will. Reserve your favorite escape today and celebrate Spring Break in Sarasota in a way that makes vacation dreams come true. 

There once was a time where the lowly food truck was laughed at and ridiculed by all except the hardworking workers who depended on it for lunches on construction sites, but today, a food truck has come to represent the best of gourmet foods. Innovative owners have used these vessels to show off their best meals, and festivals often revolve around the goodies they provide. We at RentTheKeys have sampled more than our fair share of food truck cuisine and we thought that today we would share with our guests some of our favorites, inviting travelers to explore the mobile epicurean landscape of Sarasota, bringing home the delicious results to enjoy in our Sarasota sanctuaries.

G’s Southern Mobile Kitchen

Chances are when you think of Florida cuisine you imagine fresh seafood dishes and maybe even some Latin favorites, but the reality is our home in the deep South is where many Southern soul dishes were created, and G’s Southern Mobile Kitchen is where we are starting this tour of taste. Offering a menu filled with fried chicken, collard greens, and sweet potato pie, the food that comes from this truck tastes like it could have come from your grandma’s kitchen.

Doña Betty’s Tacos

As the world comes to the realization that there are more to handheld meals than a simple and boring sandwich, tacos have started to shoot up the ranks in popularity, and Doña Betty’s Tacos, while probably not the only reason why, has become a big part of the trend. Offering a variety of authentically delicious tacos served from a truck that is normally parked next to the Wells Fargo in Bradenton, come hungry and be prepared to wait in lines; this truck is definitely a popular one!

Polpo Pizza Company

Pizza is the international food of love and family and we would be remiss not to include the Polpo Pizza Company on our list of fabulous food trucks. Originally a catering company that suffered during the pandemic, they switched to a food truck and their popularity soared. Parked at the Sarasota Farmers Market on Saturday, their food truck is a 1951 farm truck outfitted with a woodfire pizza oven.

Currywursttruck SRQ

We are continually surprised at the international selection of epicurean delights offered in Sarasota and that includes in the food truck realm as well and Currywursttruck SRQ is another very yummy example. Primarily a catering truck serving authentic German cuisine, they will often be found at special events in town, so be sure to keep an eye out for them during your Sarasota rambles.

Banni Rooster Food Wagon

The Banni Rooster Food Wagon is one of the most popular food trucks in town, offering a menu that revolves around their specialty, a simple dish they call Rooster Balls. Made from cornbread, spices, and other secret ingredients, we don’t know what magic spell is infused in them, but we do know we are quite obsessed. The Banni Rooster Food Wagon can be found roaming the streets of Sarasota, so be sure to check them out during your stay.

The Purple Belle

Not all food trucks sell savory dishes, some of the best are known for their desserts and sweet treats, with the Purple Belle providing an exquisite example. More than an ice cream truck, this mobile unit sells sundaes, shakes, and desserts that will make every day the sweetest day. Serving Sarasota, it’s bright purple and white design makes it easy to find, so you won’t have to look all that hard to treat yourself during your stay.

Double W Ribeye Wagon

It’s not often the words steak and food truck go hand in hand, but the Double W Ribeye Wagon may have started a distinctive new trend. Selling ribeye steaks cooked to your preferred temp, they also offer a menu featuring burgers, sliders, and tacos, but for our vegetarian friends, their Buffalo Hearts, artichoke hearts battered, deep fried, and soaked in buffalo sauce will make you glad you followed this food truck in Sarasota!

The List Goes On and On

As you can see from this sampling of food trucks, this age old tradition is definitely facing a wonderful new resurgence and although our fully equipped kitchens in our Sarasota sanctuaries offer an alternative to eating out, we hope you find this guide a tasteful addition to your Florida adventures. Grab your favorite and take it home to be devoured in the comfortable surrounds of our RentTheKeys Sarasota escapes or if you can’t wait, there will always be a spot to sit somewhere near the food truck of your choice. Contact us and reserve your favorite home sweet vacation home today and discover why a culinary exploration of Sarasota will be satisfying, exciting, and so comfortable you will never want to leave!

Valentine’s Day takes place in what is generally the coldest month of the year, perhaps to encourage snuggling together to stay warm, which is something we wholeheartedly get behind. We do, however, understand that there can be too much of a good thing and when your sweetheart deserves a little warm up, a romantic Valentine’s Day vacation to Sarasota and an even more romantic stay in our RentTheKeys holiday love nests will be just what Cupid ordered. This guide to a Valentine’s Day neither one of you will forget will help you cement your reputation as the best gifter EVER. 

Breakfast of Love 

Food is often the international language of love. We know that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, we offer sweets to our sweetest, (more about that later) and breakfast served in bed has been the universal sign that the recipient is loved so very much! The fully equipped kitchens in our Sarasota sanctuaries make it easy and fun to scramble up some eggs and set your sweetheart up with bubbling mimosas, but if you lack trust in your cooking skills, donuts from Jacks Donuts of Florida, 3105 N Tamiami Trail, are always a welcome substitute—or in this new age of instant gratification, it is equally easy to order from Grub Hub, Door Dash, or your personal favorite food delivery service. 

The Sweetest Gift 

If you are hoping that your trip to Sarasota would suffice as a gift for Valentine’s Day, we are here to tell you that although it is definitely a unique and thoughtful gift, if you don’t show up on February 14th with a box of chocolates you may not want to deal with the consequences! Fortunately, there are many options for purchasing the sweetest of gifts, including Dulcefina Chocolate and Sweets (4221 S Tamiami Trail, River Street Sweets on St. Armands Key, and our favorite, Laderach- Chocolatier Suisse, located in the Mall at University Town Center. This last shop takes chocolate to whole new levels of perfection and may become your greatest obsession. 

A Little Sea-Renity Never Hurts 

Sea-Renity Beach Spa & Bou-Tiki, located on Anna Maria Island at 112 Bridge Street, offers a new twist to the age-old tradition of couple’s massage, providing a tiki hut on the beach that practically screams romance. Share the space with your favorite human, feeling the magic of a beach sunset add to the moments and when you walk out after, we can assure you that you will never want another couple’s massage that doesn’t take place in a tiki hut on white sand beaches. Sorry, not sorry, for spoiling you both. Reservations can be made by calling (941) 779-6836. 

Straight Out of a Hallmark Movie 

Every romantic beach movie has that one scene in which the couple is walking along sandy shores, holding hands, as the sun sets over the sea and clear blue waters tickle their feet and ankles and if you want to star in your own “movie of the week” the white sand beaches of Sarasota and the surrounding communities can make it so. A Florida sunset is a magical display of beauty and fire and the awe you feel in your heart at the sight will be magnified as you walk hand in hand with the Valentine that makes life so much brighter. 

The Perfect Valentine’s Day  

The perfect Valentine’s Day often revolves around food, as we mentioned earlier, and ending the day with a romantic meal at the Bijoy Garden Café, 1287 1st Street, will ensure that this holiday will go down in the record books for being the year that you did it right! Located near the opera house in downtown Sarasota, you two can enjoy a truly cultured night on the town for Valentine’s Day 2024. Offering a menu filled with international delights, be sure to save room for one of their magnificent desserts and if you ask for two spoons, all the better! Their Dark Chocolate Cheesecake with Cherry Compote and Whipped Vanilla Ganache will change your life! 

Cozy and Content 

After a day filled with fun holiday activities, the last thing you may want to do is go out and fight the crowds, and because you chose our comfortable, cozy, and luxurious Valentine’s Day love nests, you won’t have to. Cook a delicious meal together, soak in a bubbling hot tub, or even take a swim in our heated pool, enjoying this taste of summer in the middle of winter. Romance blooms strong and beautiful in Sarasota and our homes were designed to help love grow. Reserve your favorite holiday hideaway today and fall in love all over again in comfort and style, feeling war, happy, and treasured. Contact us today!

The holidays have always been about what we can do for others in all sorts of ways, but with that altruism often comes chaos, exhaustion, and maybe even an emotional breakdown or two. Fortunately, all “good” things do come to an end, and when the new year finally makes its pristine appearance, it is time to do things for you for a change, and if sandy beaches, warm temperatures, and sunny days sounds good to you, a journey to Sarasota should be in your future. This guide to serenity, warmth, and comfortable adventures in our RentTheKeys vacation sanctuaries will be the perfect way to kick off your new year.

Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival, January 26 through January 28, J.D Hamel Park

Although you are very much invited to join us as soon as the ball drops over Times Square and before the last sip of champagne has been sipped, real life may make you wait until the end of the month to start your 2024 in Sarasota, and that is ok. The Sarasota Seafood & Music Festival has been coming to town for 9 years now, and it is something we look forward to for the remainder of the new year! It offers sweet seafood, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, live music, arts, crafts, and did we mention sweet seafood? There will also be vegetarian, meat, side dishes, and even sweeter desserts, but we promise you this: If you do nothing else this year, sampling the savory taste of seafood that has until only recently been swimming around in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, you will be able to consider 2024 the most successful year of all!

What to Do on a Cold Day in Sarasota

For our snowbirds flying in from cold weather states and countries, you may be worried about how cold it will get and what can be done on a cold Sarasota day, and we are here to tell you, it rarely gets cold in our coastal town! If the temperatures do drop, as they may upon occasion, guests can take their adventures inside with visits to the Sarasota Classic Car Museum, located at 5500 N Tamiami Trail and offering 60,000 square feet of a rotating collection of the coolest classic cars you have ever seen. And know that when the sun comes out from behind whatever clouds it is hiding behind, it will be warm enough to enjoy a sunset walk on the white sand beaches of Sarasota and surrounding areas.

A Walk in the Park

The weather is destined to be gorgeous during your winter stay in Sarasota, making a walk in the park an absolutely perfect idea. The Marie Selby Botanical Gardens offers two locations, a downtown Sarasota campus (1534 Mound Street) and their historic Spanish Point campus (401 N Tamiami Trail in nearby Osprey), providing a peek into the natural side of Sarasota. Also offering a Butterfly House and a stunning collection of orchids, the gardens bring peace and joy to all who visit. Bayfront Park (5 Bayfront Drive) is a beautiful park located on Sarasota Bay and providing picnic space, playground, wonderful walking trails, and views that you will never forget.

A Cultural Exploration of Sarasota

Sarasota offers more than paradise like natural surroundings it offers a thriving cultural landscape that even includes the Sarasota Opera. Located at 61N Pineapple Avenue, the opera’s winter season begins in February, but your kickoff to 2024 doesn’t have to start at the strike of midnight. These talented performers will be performing Carmen, starting February 17 and will be a highlight of your getaway. If you are here earlier, however, the Sarasota Art Museum located at 1001 S Tamiami Trail is a worthy substitute offering free days on the second Sunday of every month. And of course, the circus compound which includes the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Ca’d’Zan, and a historic theater that was constructed in Italy in 1798 and dismantled and transported to Sarasota in the 1930s.

Sarasota Farmers Market, N Lemon Avenue, Saturday Mornings

Not every adventure has to be grand events and a visit to the Sarasota Farmers Market is the perfect example of the more low-key fun you can have during your stay in our hometown. Spend a leisurely Saturday morning meandering down cobbled streets, exploring the wares offered by local sellers, including arts, crafts, foods, even flowers and mystical treasures. Life is happier when you move at a slower pace, and the moments spent at the Farmers Market will be ones meant just for you.

Comfortable and Relaxing

Beautiful adventures can take place every day in our RentTheKeys vacation sanctuaries. Reserve your favorite escape today and start out your new year on the right foot! Book apartment rentals in Florida Keys here.

As we find ourselves in the midst of the most chaotic time of year, all the work and stress that accompanies the holidays may have travelers seeking something they probably think they can’t have. How can you be peaceful when your to-do list is longer than the book you put down before Halloween and how can you find serenity when you simply do not know what you are buying your husband, sister, best friend for Christmas? Sometimes the simplest answers to the most difficult questions are right in front of your face, and this guide to Villa Serenity in Cape Coral may contain the answers you seek!

Every Journey is Different

Noone knows the journey your life is taking you through, but when it includes a winter vacation in Cape Coral, we at Rent the Keys do know how to make it more comfortable and Villa Serenity offers the perfect example. Offering 3 bedrooms that are tranquil and restful, 2 spacious baths, and waterfront views of the canals that run through Cape Coral, this home will be your new favorite happy place. Providing peace and serenity to all who inhabit the spaces of this stunning villa, as well as comfort, luxury, and the modern conveniences travelers love, we have worked hard to create an idyllic vacation escape!

Blending Cultures

Although the blue waters of our state are represented in art and color, this cottage will make you feel as if you have flown across the pond to the sunny lands of Tuscany, providing color and warmth that will make you feel welcomed and at home. Accent walls in the living room, painted the rich red of your favorite Sangiovese, the rich sienna color of custom cabinets in the kitchen, and the terra cotta colored tiles that grace the walls of the primary baths all harken back to the old country. But vintage Florida has a place at home here, found in the rattan chairs surrounding the dining table where many games will be played and meals will be enjoyed. A beach print in one of the bedrooms, frolicking tile dolphins on the floor of the pool, and views of the Florida sunset that will bring joy to your heart.

Form Plus Function Equals Home

A beautiful home is something we all seek, but without the modern conveniences would you be able to consider your Florida vacation a success? The kitchen equipped with updated appliances in stainless steel will let happy guests create the meals they love and the breakfast bar provides a place for the kids to sit and chat with mom while the meal is made. State-of-the-art televisions offer clear pictures of the big game making guests feel as if they are sitting on the sidelines and the soft sofas that recline to the perfect angle create the ideal spots for an afternoon nap. A modern washer and dryer set keeps suits and towels dry and smelling fresh after an afternoon spent frolicking in the heated pool or soaking in the attached hot tub. And the bedrooms of Villa Serenity? Premium beds provide happy dreams and state-of-the-art televisions allow guests to fall asleep any way they want! The contrast of form and function enables vacationers to enjoy a getaway that contrasts with the holiday chaos felt when still at home.

Florida Sunsets are Magic

You may have heard it somewhere in your travels but until you witness a Florida sunset yourself you will never quite believe their magic and Villa Serenity offers many ways to make viewing comfortable. A swing on the private dock, just beyond the screened-in lanai and various seating options inside the screens are just two of the places you can enjoy a sunset, but if you really want to make it special, renting a boat, kayak, or even paddleboard will give you the opportunity to be amazed from the center of serenity, the waters that run through Cape Coral. Just be prepared to lose your words, and maybe even your breath as the sun begins its descent and the sky turns to fire, making you believe in magic, hope, and the serenity that you may have worried could not be real!

Find Your Joy

Cape Coral is known as a Waterfront Wonderland, offering more canals than Venice, if you can believe it, but it is also known as being home to some of our Rent the Keys nicest vacation escapes, including Villa Serenity. Offering warm weather, sunny skies, and the Florida vibe that makes everyone feel like locals, your stay in this charming cottage on the canal will definitely be one that tops all other vacations. Reserve your favorite escape today and fall in love with peace, quiet, serenity, and Florida sunsets that will take your breath away!

As the weather in your part of the world begins to wear on you with too much cold, too much wet, too much gray, here in Sarasota, the complete opposite is true, especially when you make our hometown your holiday escape. Offering a heartwarming charm that also includes the benefit of not having to layer on heavy clothes or fight traffic on snow-covered roads, for those who prefer a white Christmas, heading to the white sand beaches of Sarasota can give the same effect, only with a lot more serenity and a lot less frostbite on the bare toes buried in its soft glory. This guide to all the reasons that make spending your 2023 Christmas in Sarasota not just a good thing, but an incredibly wonderful thing to do, begins and ends with the best thing, a stay in one of our RentTheKeys holiday hideaways!

37th Annual Sarasota Holiday Boat Parade of Lights, December 9, Bayfront Park/Marina Jack 

We all love a parade, but when you add the beauty of the water and the sleek wonders of a boat to the activity, well, it just takes the celebration to an entirely new level of excitement. And the fact that the colorfully lit boats skimming across the water on a beautiful December night benefits the Suncoast Charities for Children just brings it all home to create a heartwarming festive celebration sure to be enjoyed by all. It costs nothing to view, but donations and toys are happily accepted and if you really want the best seats in the house, make reservations today for a table at Marina Jacks, enjoying a meal and a show during this magical event. 

Holiday Tour of Lights, SRQ Trolley, December 4 through December 30 

Viewing of the Christmas lights is a favorite holiday tradition, but if you are new to the area (as most vacationers are) you may find it difficult to go where the best lights are and SRQ Trolley has made it easier for you. Offering two tours a night on the above-mentioned days, their beautiful red and green trolley cars (already decked out in holiday colors) take guests on a colorful tour of the city, doing the driving so that you and your family can see the best of the best and not have to concentrate on the road, something you will really appreciate when you see what Sarasota has in store for you. These tours sell out quickly, so it would be wise to purchase your tickets early, perhaps even before you head south for the holiday. 

Shop ‘Til You Drop! 

This is the year where Santa’s gifts may all have a coastal flair, especially if his “helpers” do their shopping in Sarasota. The University Town Center is destined to be your new obsession, offering an open-air shopping experience that would be miserable in your hometown but is perfectly idyllic in sunny Sarasota. Dressed in its holiday finest, it will be hard NOT to feel festive as you shop for the perfect gift, letting the sun’s rays warm you to your soul! For visitors who want to be home for Christmas, however, and are visiting a little earlier in the month, there are always a variety of holiday markets that will be popping up all over town, including a Holiday Craft Fair held at New Covenant Family Church on December 9, starting at 9 AM, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled as you explore the town. 

Our Version of a White Christmas 

With a high in the 70s and the low rarely falling below 50, you may want to take your Christmas celebration to the beach where the white sands will give you and your family the most tranquil white Christmas ever experienced. Sarasota in the winter is a sight to behold and because our white sand beaches provide a festive cheer, snuggled up to the turquoise waters, you may want to enjoy your holiday feast on its colorful acreage and for the heartier guests flying in from cold climates, the water may still be warm enough for a Christmas afternoon swim! Open presents in your RentTheKeys holiday hideaway, toss together some turkey and gravy sandwiches (so moist) and spend the day savoring peace, serenity, and all the joy of this magical holiday. 

Ho, Ho, Home with RentTheKeys 

Our Sarasota sanctuaries offer all the comforts of home and can even be made more festive with the addition of a small tree surrounded by presents. Watch Hallmark Christmas movies on state-of-the-art televisions, dream about the presents you hope are under the tree in cloud soft beds and make yourself at home in our holiday hideaways. Reserve your favorite and contact us today! 

Winter is coming, that wonderful season where the sun shines brightly, the beaches are still crowded with people, and the warm days make you glad to live in the south, but if this does not describe your winter, it’s ok. Now is the perfect time to start planning a vacation to the land of eternal summer in the town of Sarasota, and because we at Rent the Keys want our guests to experience the best vacations, we don’t just offer spacious, comfortable, and luxurious homes for travelers to relax in, we are providing this guide to all the fun you can have during a winter trip to Sarasota! Spend your days making your friends and neighbors back in your snow covered hometown feel jealous and your nights reveling in the comforts we provide; your winter escape to Florida is destined to create memories you will cherish forever! 

Take a Tour 

If you have never been to Sarasota before, you may want to start out your getaway with a tour of the town, and Discover Sarasota Tours offers plenty of ways to learn a little more about what may interest you during your vacation in paradise! Offering classic sightseeing tours of the city, haunted Sarasota tours, foodie tours, and our personal favorite, a Christmas Carol Trolley tour, complete with letters to Santa, holiday music, and colorful Christmas lights, this tour company explores all the things that makes our coastal city wonderful! 

Searching for Shells and Shark’s Teeth 

Yes, a day at the beach is still well within reason throughout the winter months, especially as daytime temps rarely dip below 70. If you are seeking a way to bring back souvenirs but also want to save a little money, nothing fits the bill better than the shells and shark’s teeth that can be found at many of our Sarasota County beaches, including Caspersen Beach in nearby Venice. Known as the Shark’s Tooth Capital of the World, even megalodon teeth have been discovered in the area! Of course, finding a megalodon tooth is rare, but smaller teeth of today’s sharks are often washed up on Caspersen Beach, providing a beautiful way to fill a couple of hours of your winter vacation. For sea shells, of course, you don’t have to wander as far, perhaps even finding the prettiest ones at the beaches you are staring at from your Rent the Keys beachfront sanctuary! 

Winter Holidays Activities 

If your winter break brings you to Sarasota during the holidays, you will still be able to feel the holiday spirit, even without the snow and cold! The previously mentioned Christmas Carol Trolley is a great spot to begin your celebrations, but there are also holiday markets for getting your shopping done (Holiday Bazaar on December 2nd at the TPC Prestancia is a great one!) a Santa Run 5K on December 17th, and Deck the Halls, a Christmas Extravaganza performed at the Keating Theater on December 10th. At New Year’s there will be fireworks displays that can be seen from the beach, and champagne toasts at nearly every bar you visit, but the coolest activity is witnessing the Pineapple Drop on New Year’s Eve! Forget the crystal ball drop in Times Square, this exciting celebration takes place in downtown Sarasota, offering live music, awesome food, fun games, and of course, the best drinks. When the clock strikes down to midnight, witnessing the giant pineapple descending from the sky is a thrilling bucket list moment you will never forget! 

Sightseeing Attractions 

There are a lot of things to see and do during your winter visit to Sarasota, including checking out these local sights and attractions. Learn about the sea and its cold blooded inhabitants at the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, explore the circus world at the John & Mabel Ringling Museum of Art, or take a stroll through whimsy and wonder with a visit to the Marietta Museum of Art & Whimsy, only open from November through May! This last museum features sculptures, including an outdoor garden with its own flock of giant flamingoes!  

A Foodie’s Tour of Sarasota 

Chances are you didn’t eat a lot in the days and weeks leading up to your Sarasota vacation, wanting to stay lean and trim to look good in the new swimsuits you purchased, but now that you are here, all bets are off! It is time to enjoy a foodie’s tour of Sarasota, exploring the best restaurants that offer the tastiest bites in town! Pizza at Napule, Mousaka at Blu Kouzina, and of course, the freshest, sweetest, seafood at pretty much any local seafood restaurant! (Our personal favorite is Crab & Fin in St. Armand’s Circle) 

Hanging out at Home with Rent the Keys 

Quiet moments spent watching the sun sink over the sea, rowdy nights spent playing board games around dining room tables, and wonderful moments of rest and relaxation can be yours when you spend your winter vacay in our Rent the Keys seasonal sanctuaries! Reserve your favorite and contact us today! 

With a blink and a sigh, the carefree days of summer have passed and we are now firmly in the midst of the holiday season. Halloween has ended, the days are growing short, and in many states, the first snowfall of the season has already occurred, making it a tiny bit easier to feel the spirit of the holidays even as cold weather inhabitants are wishing they had just a little more time in the sun! This is why a vacation to Sarasota at Thanksgiving often enters travelers’ minds, such as those unwilling to let go of summer and who are also hesitant about spending this first big holiday with cranky relatives!  

And if you can imagine it, the days, although not long, stay warm reaching as high as the mid-80s and as turkeys are cooking, long walks along white sand beaches will help all that delicious food not settle into our soon to be expanding waistlines! (It’s so hard to not say yes to a second piece of pumpkin pie!) And whether you decide to prepare a Florida Beachgiving feast yourself or are looking at exploring what restaurants can do the work for you, our Rent the Keys holiday hideaways will help make this year’s celebration feel warm, cozy, and relaxing! 

Take a Trip Back in Time 

Although not a traditional Thanksgiving activity, the Suncoast Renaissance Festival comes to the Sarasota Fairgrounds November 18th through December 10th, open on weekends only. Raise a goblet to comely women and manly men on the weekend before or after the holiday, exploring jousting matches, playing games, and if you are a Ren Fair regular in your hometown, dressing up for the occasion! The festival harkens back to simple days and if you are choosing to go non-traditional for your turkey dinner in 2023, you can still enjoy a taste of the holiday by gnawing on the simply ginormous turkey legs sold here! Each weekend offers a different theme, with the first weekend dedicated to pirates and the weekend after Thanksgiving themed Fantasy Weekend, 2 days in which cosplay rules!  

Run for your Supper! 

As we just mentioned, the holidays are often responsible for more than a few extra pounds, but with a little planning, you can limit the stress on your clothing budget! Taking part in one of our favorite traditions, the Florida Turkey Trot is a great way to start your holiday, with the fun starting at 7:15 am for children and 8 am for adults. Held at Nathan Benderson Park on November 23rd, the 7:15 start time is for the Kid’s Turkey Dash, a fun run broken down in age groups for those 12 and under. Participants will receive a finisher’s medal and a tee shirt, both of which will serve as a fantastic souvenir of their turkey day getaway. The adult 5K starts promptly at 8, with runners also receiving a race shirt, finisher medal, and for the first 100 men and first 100 women, a sweet holiday themed treat will be awarded to enjoy at home! 

To Cook or Not to Cook 

Let’s face it. When traveling for Thanksgiving the biggest decision may be whether or not you want to use the kitchen of your vacation escape for preparing a big feast or, if you want to let others do all the work! For those inclined to make this a true lazy vacation, Sarasota offers plenty of restaurants that will be open and serving a variety of holiday meals, all prepared, served, and cleared away by hard working people who won’t be you!  

Explore the fine dining cuisine of the Bijou Garden Café, 1287 1st Street, located inside what once was a 1920’s gas station or if you want to stay home and enjoy the luxury amenities of our Rent the Keys sanctuaries, enjoy a take out dinner from Brick’s Smoked Meats, 1528 State Street, where smoked turkey or their world famous prime brisket will be a delicious addition to your celebration. These are just two of many restaurants offering such options, so your choices will be plentiful! 

Make Our Homes Yours for the Holiday 

Our Sarasota homes are destined to be the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving at the beach, offering kitchens that are fully equipped to handle almost any sized feast and their cheerful vibes will make you feel comfortable and at home as you cook up a storm. State of the art televisions offer large screens, ideal for watching all the big football games or, our favorite part of the holiday, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! After the tryptophan kicks in from your delicious roast turkey, super comfortable sofas are built for giving guests the best naps and if you are ready to start looking at the next holiday waiting in the line-up, streaming Christmas songs will help you feel the Christmas spirit! Reserve your favorite holiday haven and contact us today!

The best Florida vacations are the ones spent at or near the beach. Knowing you can peek out a window and see the blue waters or you can hear the waves crashing against the white sand beaches from your bed each night. Waking early to walk along shore’s edge at sunrise and repeating the colorful walk at sunset makes every day feel like the best day and when you choose to stay in our Rent the Keys Vista Hermosa Unit 206B, you also get to experience a beautiful blend of comforts and modern conveniences. Today we want to take our guests on a tour of this 2 bedroom, 2 bath Siesta Key condo located close to beach access and offering space enough for up to 6 guests to share the space in harmony and happiness. This guide will let you in on the secrets to enjoying an idyllic vacation on one of our favorite Florida Keys! 

Filled with Light 

Your first moments spent inside this second-story condo will be quiet and filled with anticipation, knowing that this tranquil sanctuary will be your home for the next week or so of your life! Tile floors lead the way into the open-concept floor plan, taking guests through rooms filled with warmth, welcoming, and the light that streams through large windows in the main living areas. The kitchen is the first space you will pass, located just inside the front door (ensuring that you don’t have to carry groceries that far!) and offering a cheerful ambiance within its stylish footprint.  

Stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and lightly stained cabinets, including an upper set that offers a glass door work together to create a space travelers will enjoy working in. The peninsula on one end of the kitchen serves as a breakfast bar with two cushioned barstools bellied up to its counter, giving your little adventurers a great place to enjoy cereal in the mornings.  

The dining table, perched under a modern chandelier in front of a generous-sized window is where meals can be enjoyed, games can be played, and quiet moments spent sipping coffee and staring out at the tropical landscape of the Vista Hermosa community. Across from the table, two occasional chairs upholstered in a plant-patterned fabric makes a fantastic conversation spot for those who aren’t interested in playing games and may still offer views of the landscape beyond the windows.  

The living room, however, may be your favorite space in the entire condo. Offering a plush leather sofa that faces a late-model television, naps are guaranteed to be refreshing and evenings spent binge-watching movies or reading the paperback you brought along on your journey South! 

More Ways to Relax  

The balcony of Unit 206B offers a special surprise to occupants, open to the rest of the living space while providing screens and windows to protect you from the elements. Rattan chairs, cushioned for your comfort, offer more spots to sit and relax and a desk off to the side will be the ideal spot for conducting virtual meetings when you can’t stay out of the office! Community amenities include a gorgeous resort-style pool, located just under your balcony, which is heated for your comfort in the cooler months. The beaches of Siesta Key are just a short walk from your unit and the owners provide beach gear, including chairs, toys, and a cooler for your snacks and beverages! 

Sleep Well 

Each bedroom of this unique unit provides ensuite baths and spacious footprints, ensuring guests don’t feel cramped in these serene retreats. The primary bedroom, anchored by a king bed with a padded headboard that will provide a comfortable spot for reading and scrolling through your favorite social networking sites before drifting off into a deep and restful sleep. The second bedroom is especially large, offering two premium beds topped with the softest of linens, and both bedrooms offer tranquility and serenity that will ensure your dreams will be happy and your sleep will be deep! The bathrooms contain a tub/shower combo in one, a walk-in shower in the other, and updated fixtures and stone countertops, adding style to the spa-like rooms! 

Skip the Steps 

If you have ever had to walk up flights of stairs with luggage, beach gear, or groceries, you will appreciate the elevator that will quickly and easily bring you to your second-floor escape! The elevator makes this space ideal for travelers with mobility issues, as will the tile floors of the space and the open floorplan!  

Reserve this Rent the Keys Sanctuary Today 

Every day will be your favorite day when you choose this charming Hermosa Vista escape for your Florida sanctuary! Reserve it today and enjoy idyllic days on white sand beaches and comfortable nights that you wish never had to end! Contact us today! 

A family vacation needs a family home for comfort and space, and with three bedrooms, two baths, and room for up to six people to live as peacefully as a family can, our RentTheKeys Grove Retreat escape is everything you are looking for! Located in beautiful Sarasota, just minutes away from the white sand beaches of Siesta Key and the luxurious shopping experiences offered by St. Armand’s Circle, the home is a charming example of mid-century modern craftsmanship, with emphasis on the modern. Low slung white painted block with contrasting charcoal trim and garage door, the exterior is softened by a pair of palm trees, a colorful garden bed, and a large grassy yard that every family home should offer. Also pet friendly for up two pets, Grove Retreat truly embraces the concept of family and promises to offer a welcoming ambience that will be enjoyed by all who cross its doorstep! 

Simply Stunning 

Although Grove Retreat was constructed in the last millennium, when you step inside for the first time, you will instantly see that it is 100% modern! Tile floors lead the way into rooms that are open and filled with light and even as most walls are painted a crisp white, the occasional pop of color will add drama. Starting with the living room that stays bright all day long thanks to the wall of windows in front of which rests a comfortable leather sofa. Occasional chairs in a soft blue are perfect for reading and relaxing, but the drama and the color is the wall opposite the sofa. Painted a rich black, the modern 65-inch Smart television mounted to it contrasts beautifully with the rustic wood table that rests underneath. This large space is destined to be one of your many favorites in the home, and we hope you spend as much time as you can in the space, but now it’s time to move to the next space, the kitchen, the heart of the home! Tucked away in a space all its own, the kitchen is fully equipped, offering all the large and small appliances you need to create a meal, while the stone counters and white painted cabinets complement the stainless steel large appliances. A window over the sink peeks out into the expansive backyard, where a thrilling surprise awaits, and plenty of counter space gives occupants all the room needed for their various kitchen activities. The dining area, located just off the kitchen, is anchored by a large wood table and serves as a passageway to a second seating area. This second living area can be utilized as a conversation spot or even a fun place to read in the hammock style rattan chair that swings gently with a push of your foot.  

Now the Fun Begins 

The tour of public spaces has ended with your visit to the second living area, but there is still so much to uncover, starting with the large screened-in lanai, anchored with a crystal-clear swimming pool! Offering a safety fence that can help ensure the safety of your tiny travelers, the screens around the pool area help keep the pool clean of debris and also limit any creepy crawlies that may be trying to enjoy a refreshing dip. A large and comfortable outdoor sofa can be found on the patio, providing a great place to rest and relax, and the grassy area outside the pool area is ideal for letting the pups frolic. 

Night Life at Grove Retreat 

When the sun sets over the horizon and the stars begin to twinkle in the dark skies, the night life you seek will be more of the relaxing kind. In other words, travelers seeking a good night’s sleep will find exactly what they are hunting for in the bedrooms of Grove Retreat! The primary suite provides a comfy king bed, topped by soft as silk linens, and its own en suite bath with updated fixtures. The second bedroom offers a queen bed with a padded headboard and shares access to the second bath with the third bedroom, in which lies two twin beds that can be pushed together to make another king bed, for those who seek more space. A laundry area with full-sized washer and dryer is the last area we will explore today, offering a way to cut back on the packing and saving more room for the treasures you may find at St. Armand’s Circle. 

Every Day Will Be the Best Day 

Choosing RentTheKeys and our wonderful Grove Retreat home will ensure that every day of your Florida vacation will be the best day! Reserve this special sanctuary today and start planning for the most comfortable and fun trip you have ever enjoyed. Contact us today!