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The Ernest Hemingway Home

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Key West has attracted people from all over the world throughout its existence and is also known as the playground for the rich and well known, including world famous author Ernest Hemingway, who felt most at home in his home on the Key. Besides his writing, he was known for his love of deep sea fishing and his special seat at the bar of Sloppy Joes—which is still acknowledged today, decades after his passing. Also known for the six-toed cats that still roam the premises of his Key West home, which is open to the public, your Key West getaway would not be complete without a visit to where some of his most famous novels began their existence! We at RentTheKeys love our Key West escapes, and after you close the door on your tour of the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, we invite you to open the doors to your most comfortable vacation ever!

The Ernest Hemingway Home Walk in history's steps at the Hemingway Home

The Hemingway Home is Located at 907 Whitehead Street, Open 7 Days a Week from 9 AM until 5 PM

Built in 1938 for the very steep price (at that time) of $20,000, the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum still looks much the same as it did when Hemingway resided within. Offering an art deco style, the yellow and brown primary bath may not appeal to all who view it, but at the time it was built, it was definitely most fashionable. Some changes have been made to the house over the years, with walls replacing windows, and awards and articles about his life adorning the new walls, but the changes made have been minimal, and we believe that if “Papa,” as he was known to those he was closest to, were to walk in today, he would wholeheartedly approve. The free standing carriage house on the property is where Hemingway did his best work, in the writing studio on the second floor. Offering shelves of books, a comfortable cushioned rattan chair with matching ottoman, and the desk he penned For Whom the Bells Tolls, The Snows of Kilimanjaro, and many other best sellers, serves center stage.

Outside, the gardens, the cats, and the first inground pool on Key West all look very much like they did during his time in residence. The tours take place every day, but if you want to take your walk in the steps of this writing legend, for $1500, the Hemingway Home Evening Writing Experience will give you full access to the home, the grounds, and the studio. Maybe you will be inspired to write your own best seller, simply by sitting in the same chair he did!

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From Hemingway’s Home to Ours

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